Best Psychic reading done by Thea Gates

by Mary
(sussex, wi)

Hello all!
I was having the WORST midlife crisis ever! I had a beautiful home, a loving husband and stunning daughter who was engaged to a beautiful doctor. Then suddenly the worst imaginable struck. My daughter passed of an undiagnosed heart condition. Bad I know but it gets worse. I find out my husband had been hiding a very significant drug problem and I find out when he tells me he has to close the business. We sell are home and are forced to move into an apartment run by the government! THEN, within two weeks my husband disappears. With all that and battling menopause and a debilitating disease, I didn't know what to do. I can honestly say I was suicidal. I spoke with therapists and such but still I had no hope. I overheard an acquaintance of mine referring a friend to a Psychic/Spiritual Guide, Thea Gates. I asked about her and got Thea's information. No sooner did I sit down with Thea and said hello, she started reading. She knew about the devastating loss of my child, the betrayal of my husband...all of it. I was ASTOUNDED. I see her regularly now though she insists I keep with my therapist, but I feel great! She's located in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin.
Her website is CHECK HER OUT, she was absolutely incredible.

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phone number?
by: Claire

I also can't find any contact info for Thea. Does anyone have a phone number or email address for her?

Can't find her :(
by: Anonymous

Can someone redirect me to her site? It seems that is not her site anymore.

My email is


Thea Gates
by: Linda

I checked out Thea after reading the comment Mary posted. I too had a great reading with her. She was very warm and receptive and told me the truth, not what I wanted to hear. I would definitely seek her advice in the future.

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