Blue Aura Child

by Anastasia

My name is Anastasia, currently I am 16 years young and ever since I was really little I have always had a hunch or some force telling me that I am extraordinary and I am the chosen one or one of the chosen ones. I have never responded to authority I think that Christianity is false and same with all other aspects that our society has bragged to be so wonderful.

I am in high school and it is difficult to express my full potential as an indigo. There are things that I know of or happen that I know reasons why they happen I just can’t get them into words...its like being an indigo is a different language to the rest of society. I believe that we all need to heal and that nobody is realizing it. I spend all of my time trying to heal my past lives and my body and I need help I need someone like me to help me, but my parents don’t believe in the same beliefs that I do... so it makes it hard.. But I am grateful for my sister and my brother and the rest of my family as well; just a little bit more grateful for my siblings.

Anyway since I am an indigo I see things that could be done so much better in our society and it makes me depressed, angry and many other emotions. I am on a deep quest for internal and outer beauty... I just need some motivation and some indigo friends to help me and to talk to so that I can organize my true purpose and to get rid of confusion that has been making me talk circles to people who aren't like me.

I can see and feel auras of people and I am seeking truth, I want the truth, I can tell sometimes of what bothers people just by their aura and expression. The bible lies and society lies, I want the truth. I am gradually learning the truth but I need some coaching. Sometimes I question if I am an indigo, I am pretty sure I am. Sometimes I think I am a platinum indigo, but I don’t know if I have been through enough.

Sometimes I think that my spirit was chosen and sent to earth because I can see the things that the earthlings need to see. Was I sent here because I was one of the wisest spirits? When I get in a whirlwind of negative emotions I keep saying to myself (out of no where) "I want to go home" I think this means that I am from another dimension or universe. I don’t like what these humans (...even though I am one, but I consider myself just a spirit) have done to this beautiful planet.

I know this story might be a bit confusing to read or at least I think it is. It sure is a bunch of different emotions for me and I don’t know why.

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Dec 02, 2010
Dear Anastasia and Erica,
by: Anonymous

At 34 years of human age, but the wisdom of a 70+ years old, I am a Noble born, Star-Child, Platinum Indigo and have recently been transformed into a Crystalline superme human being!

I've just recently in the past couple of years have come across and found out about who I am and who Blue Aura Childern or Platinum Indigos and Crystal human being are.

I found out about all of this because I was living in such great pain throughout my body.

The unfairness, the unjust and the wildness of this world, turns my energy into pain.

The hospitals wouldn't share... as I am sure they very well knew why I was in so much pain, but we are just a part of an experiment in life!

I am proud to say that I know that what probably 99.9% of the population don't know about how life works, what life is and what needs to be done.

I would be glad to help in any way that I may be able to. As we are all in this world to serve for each other better!

I am proud to say that I am an entreprneur and that I've had CPA's and Attornies that are twice my age trying to trick me into their boggas world, but none has succeeded and none will... and I am just a high school graduate.

I seek as well people who will understand me, but to this day, I haven't crossed paths with any.

I seek people with wisdom and most my business partners are very well know and very well and successful, but yet, none of them see what I see and none of them understands me and they never will, unfortently.

My email address is and I am open to answer and are ready and will be more than glad to help anybody that is seeking the higher truth and wanting to know who we are and how life works.

Much love and respect for all,

M... ;o),

Jul 29, 2010
Familiar Feeling
by: Erica

I stumbled across this website a few months ago... it scared me a little because it was sooo familiar although Ive never physicaly seen it before. Then today I came across your story and something clicked. Ever since I was six Ive felt the same way. I am 15 years old though I feel 150. Like I can see the world so differently than most people. When I was little I could see spirits but they scared me so eventlly they stopped appearing. Kids in my classes frusterate me so much. They act in such ignorence! I feel like I stand alone in this world that doesnt feel like home.

Jul 06, 2010
More for Blue Aura Child
by: Emerald Eyed 1

It is my belief that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that we are all here to learn. Everyone in this lifetime that you encounter (whether you like them or not) will either teach you something or you will teach them something. Please try to be patient and stay open to this. The answers you seek lie within your own self. look within and try to make contact with your spirit guides. They can help you find your way through this physical incarnation. Hang in there, it will come.

Jun 07, 2010
Patience my Dear
by: Sylvia

Hi Anastasia,

Welcome to this carbon based container existance. I was a spirit guide before I came here and was frustrated with my charges as they were doing stupid things and making life more difficult for themselves. I was sure that if I was here, I'd do things differently. I found out I'm still frustrated. At 5 to 7 I argued with the priests and nuns as I knew what they were saying was rubbish. They said I was possessed by the devil.

Things are changing rapidly as more kids like you are coming into this vibration level. I know it's difficult, but try to be patient. These people are stubborn and have to be on their bellies with no option left but to turn over and look up. When this happens, they will look to those like you and this world will change. I am meeting so many Indigo and Crystalline youngsters that I can now see the end to this madness is near. It's been a long wait. I'm now 71. :-) Keep in touch with your spirit friends.

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