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Born Awake Indigo

by Courtney

To be born awake and alone but knowing you made the choice to come in this way? From the age of 2 is as far back as I can remember. Being an open channel I remember another place where angels, taller than existence, communicate telepathically in a sing-song kind of sound. Their ever repeated messages of everything you ever need is forever written in your heart. I think this is our way back home.

I have always been different in every way you can imagine. I was almost thrown into this existence. I am mixed black and Italian and grew up in an all white family. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb huh? This was a very abusive arena except for my grand-mother and mother, who both died when I was very young and I was left by my self to survive.

Anyways I have known what it's been like to never fit it anywhere. But it gets deeper upon doing more research about star children, indigo and light-workers. I read the behavioral aspect of children of withdrawn speech. I refused to speak as a child I did everything physically with my eyes.

From a young age I was pretty much lead into the healing and metaphysical realm of healing. I now work as a professional psychic, reiki healer, and astrologer aside from working in visual arts and photography. I'm doing it all by my self. So to the lost ones out there, there is no such word.

For the past 3 weeks more than ever I have been getting a feeling of this connecting back to people from my soul group, maybe its time? Maybe I'm sick of being alone when I don’t have to be.


My name is Courtney I am 28 and from Boston.

I thank the person who made this space.

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Oct 24, 2012
Born Awake
by: Melissa

Hello Courtney,

I found your post by searching the words Born Awake, while researching issues around my own pre-birth memory. I was literally, born awake...but I don't remember everything. I think what we forget is just as important to help develop the picture of why we are here as what we remember.

What I remember is changing my mind about wanting to come here...I remember the light...the vibrancy of my being...the love from my soul family...I remember a personal God ...and yet it was not that infantile...this language is so inadequate when trying to communicate things of eternal significance. I felt what people do to each other here..the unspeakable cruelty whether intentional of in ignorance...I knew I was capable of that too if I came here and I didn't want to participate in that experience. I had to choose to come here and I was told "they need you to be born" so I agreed to be born out of "love" for them even though I have no idea who "they" are or what they "need". My purpose for this life can be clearly identified within that scenario.

I am now 57 but here are many coming in now with memory and, like you, much younger than I. I notice a lot of similar "choices" for this life...the social isolation is a common thread. I think the loneliness is the hardest. There is a great gift in being born awake...even though it has come with a hefty price, I wouldn't trade "knowing" for "faith" anyday.
It is important to "know" what you know--and admit when you don't know. That being said... I admit I have no vision regarding why I and others are being born awake. I DO know how to determine what each of us has come here for...on an individual basis. I see you do psychic gift is seeing the obvious that others seem to miss.

I also notice that many of the "born awake" group have similar social situations...almost as if they chose situations that will insure isolation. What would happen to our memory of home if we became totally enculturated into society? I know that when I shared it for the first time I was ridiculed, punished, and socially shunned. I was labeled a "little liar". I desperately tried to forget so I would fit in...and I almost did until I was about 8 and the entire pre-birth memory was given back to me in a dream. I was not supposed to forget. I was not allowed to forget.

I notice that many of the souls coming in now have that determination to change things to mirror divine core truths...they have intense integrity, and have a balanced sense of self and other. They have vision, and precision of purpose. But all that seems to be operating at a subconscious level and they desperately seek what is already within them. That is one of the abilities I came in with that often got me into trouble...seeing what is operating at the subconscious level in others (not myself as easily).

The main thing that prompted me to reply to your post is that I felt prompted to are NOT alone.


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