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Born Indigo

by Indigo Girl

Ever since I can recall, I always remember feeling like I was different from other people. Even being born as a twin, I never really felt the closeness that a twin usually has.

In middle school, I had major ADD, I could not focus my attention at all. My teachers would constantly complain to my parents that I had trouble focusing.

This one teacher I had was never fond of me. I just felt her energy and knew she didn't like me for some reason; I think she knew I had something special and that I knew more than she and honestly think she was jealous. She held me back a grade because I would skip her classes and hide in the bathroom. I never liked to be in her class. I always felt that she disliked me, and besides, I always thought she was stupid and I was smarter than her. I don't think she liked that.

Growing up as a young child, I could always sense people's energies. I knew from afar, without even talking to them whether they were good or bad, happy sad, depressed, even when they tried to hide it and be fake. I could always see through their facade.

My mom would have friends over, and I would tell her that I didn't like some of her friends, it's not something that I can explain, it's just a feeling I had.

I have always felt like I have this aura, even when i walk into a room, people stare at me. I try to block it sometimes, it’s like a light, and I can turn it on or off. Usually it's off because I can get so affected by people’s energy.

I do feel that I have come into this existence with an important mission in life.

It's to bring peace into this world.


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May 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel mama... I miss your energy. I miss the way your aura feels when I hold you in my arms. We will find each other again soon my soulmate.

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