Brief Psychic Reviews

by Ian

I've set this page for those of you who just want to make brief psychic reviews for readers you know and recommend.

So if you want to let people know what you think in a short sharp fashion it is best to use the comments section of this page below.

For a page with it's own comments section we need fuller testimonials of about 400 words to make a page viable.

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Soul2Soul Conversations
by: Di-di

Tanya (Inner Peace) is a great resource for spiritual guidance. She is able to share her psychic abilities in a positive way. She is honest and direct. She has a way of delivering her messages in an enlightening way - even that not so easy to digest information.

Ask Adena
by: Kelly

Psychic Adena Bannick is not only accurate, she is very loving, kind, and real. She is a psychic who doesn't sugar coat things and she also is compassionate in her delivery. She is a psychic who keeps your highest good in mind and she also has her own radio show called 'Ask Adena' on BBS Radio. She was formerly on Contact Talk Radio and I must say she is definitely accurate. She is awesome with timeframes and very open with her clients. She is an amazing psychic and although at times you may hear what you don't want to hear, she is accurate and willing to help you through it. Please check out her website and her radio show on BBS Radio.

Psychic Shena Lod
by: Anna

Brilliant reading from this psychic. Put my mind at rest and helped me clear my energies. I highly recommend her. She gave me a hour of reading for half price as I wasn't able to afford any more due to exchange rate. Really caring and gives so much.

Alinda Celebrity Psychic Astrologer
by: Vanessa

I called the Alinda Celebrity Psychic Astrologer line its really caring and helpful. Alinda has worked with many famous people. She takes calls from all over the world,the reading was great!

Marie Coco - Tarot Card Reading
by: Alyssa

Everything Marie Coco said was true. She even gave me a date on when my ex boyfriend would contact me again. I marked that date down, and sure enough I received a sad text message from him.

Everything she predicted came true. She is warm, friendly, funny, and a great psychic.

Life Reader - Ann
by: Will Blacksmith

Ann on is also a scam artist. She tells you what you want to hear, but not what is true. When her predictions don't come to pass, she tells you it was because things change. Give it time, and she will be proven right. "I don't lie, I've been at this a long time and I'm almost never wrong." Well, you were and continue to be. AVOID SPENDING ANY MONEY ON THIS LIFEREADER. ALL THE PSYCHICS ARE FRAUDS.

Joan "Lilly" Porter from Fife
by: Anonymous

Worst ever! Don't waste your money.

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