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Can I Phone Home? Why Am I Here?

by Marie
(Wisconsin U.S.A.)

Deep down inside I have a huge sense of urgency to do fabulous works for the times and people.

I often have laughed at myself and thought myself silly. And of course I tell no one these type of thoughts as I'd surely get laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed more than I already do. And once again I'd have to hear about how I should just get a job doing silly, random, boring, and monotonous work that I of course can do but then again can't do very well over time.

With all that said, I find myself struggling internally to find meaning in my life because I feel very void, empty, and alone. It is nice to finally now know that I am not alone after all this time of feeling like an alien in this world!

I am an adult indigo and now "I" make a lot more sense to ME. Except now that I know I am here on earth to fulfill a purpose, how can I possibly figure out what that purpose is?

As you can imagine having just learned that there are other people like me and that there are actually articles written up for me now so that I can learn more about me, I am tremendously relieved and intrigued all at the same time. However, I feel a bit rushed to learn of my life's mission here on earth as I am now 41 years old. I feel a rush going on inside of me as well, so therefore I know there must be someone who can direct me as I am lost in my reincarnated spirit mission and goal.

Please help! Thank you :)

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