Careers for Indigo Adults

by Carly

I have recently discovered that I am an indigo. I'm a 24 year old Aries who is trying to figure out what I want to do in life.

I am so lost.

I'm trying to follow my heart.

Any suggestions for the type of work someone like me might enjoy?

It's all about the love!

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Nov 02, 2017
In Same Indigo Boat
by: Anonymous

Hey, I was scrolling through the comments and clicked on yours because I feel like we are in the same boat.

I'm 23 and have paused my degree in law. Now that I have had an awakening I am reevaluating my whole entire life and existence. I am sure your are too. All I can tell you is, you have to do the thing that your soul longs for.

What is the thing in life that you almost get a high from doing? I am sure it will probably fall in the line of Art. In society Art is not considered a "real" job.

But you're an indigo and you can not listen to the world because you are not of the world. Literally listen to your heart. You have immense power that you can harness at any time to reach your big dream.


To not have a dream in your heart is to die on the inside.

Jan 20, 2015
Looking for careers

Hi guys I also just realized I was to an Indigo Adult. My 17 year old daughter brought it to me attention. She was studying indigo people as felt it embodied who her mom was. she shared her finding with me which lead to my own investigations and surely I am proudly a Indigo Adult. Learning the characteristics of an Indigo freed my trapped soul. For ages I suppressed who I was how I functioned and didn't quite understand me and people around me clearly had no clue. Now I see and I'm enlightened and walk freely in who I am . But I've seem to have run into a road block, career. I can do just about anything, I am extremely smart, but If it doesn't feel good to my soul I will not stick with it. Longest job was a phone company for 7 years in a call center environment which lead me t the psych ward. No I'm not crazy just misunderstood. They didn't understand my way, people don't understand my forgiveness, job don't understand why I won't B.S. our clients, its just not me. I do have four children to raise alone, yup husband left he didn't understand me either. What jobs can people with the freedom we have in ourselves do in such a limited boxed up world??

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