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Cassadaga Psychic Readings at 6th Sense Spiritual Store

by Z

Anne Marie of Cassadaga, Florida is For Real ! She knows, doesn't ask you leading questions - she tells you how it is because she knows for certain in her bones. Talks to you motherly, sweet but firm with her wonderful UK accent. She doesn't stretch the clock on info, if there is more the spirit has to say to you - she tells you even if it goes over your time.

She knew everything about my family and confirmed things she would have no way of knowing. She knew there was a spirit following me playing tricks of light and shadow to get my attention - she told me what I didn't know though - It was my long dead grandmother.

She knew about my mom being in civil rights marches. She knew about my son’s food allergies and anger problem.

After talking to her - I felt complete - like I wasn't alone in this big world & the universe had answered all my questions through her. MAGNIFICENT !

She does also do phone reading as well, but it is better if you go in to see her - so she can gather more of the energy and spirits around you.

This is her and her husband's website

And their number


They also take PayPal - I know because I did my last reading with her over the phone. I have done 2 with her - one in person and one on the phone. I would recommend a trip to Casadega, Florida to anyone. I stayed in the hotel there - and sure enough my first picture I took had spirit orbs in it. Good thing I took it right away because the spirits left my room after I settled in - Can you believe that - I bothered them !

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