Chakra Healing Information And Advice

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My chakra healing information and advice begins with getting to know that your main energy centers - the chakras - act as an energy and communication bridge between your physical body and, your mental body and your energetic body. In other words, they are bridges and energy transmitters between your physical, mental and energetic self.

When your chakras are closed or imbalanced this manifests on all levels  - as mental / thinking / focus problems, emotional problems, and physical problems in the body. However, when you start to balance your chakras, information and energy is passed more freely between you and your higher self and these problems can be healed.

Chakra Healing Information

Each chakra has a different focus - for example your root chakra is at the bottom of your body and acts as a foundation, a balance, and also helps you to draw in energy. It is also your "manifestation chakra" and helps you to manifest and create your life your way. Your heart chakra allows you to communicate and love - to let out love and to receive it. If there are blockages here then they manifest as problems in your relationships.

Chakras are as inseparable to us as the heart and the physical lungs, and they have a massive impact upon the mind and body - in fact, it is amazing what can be done and achieved, the life you can manifest, the problems you can overcome when you activate your chakras and achieve balance.

Try This Exercise Based On My Chakra Healing Information 

To reconnect with your own chakras, I would encourage you to use some of my chakra healing information in your daily meditation practice, where you start off by simply scanning your body for imbalances. Alternatively, and this is a good self-help exercise to practice, if you feel a very strong emotion, if you experience emotional pain, anger, grief, anxiety - try to locate this emotion within your body. What are you feeling? Where is this emotion? Are you upset and feeling it in your solar plexus? Don't fear to connect to it, so that you can heal. As you gradually seek more information and reconnect with your own body, you will see more and more how the mental and emotional imbalances are connected to the physical. 

Guest Post By Gloria Kastrone - USA

In my practice, I have seen many instances where a shift in energy and alignment of chakras caused a total shift in outlook and understanding and enabled my clients to deal better with their current life issues. I work with your energy and the high beings you are connected to. I offer energy scanning, chakra realignment and aura clearing, removal of energetic attachments and protection work. I also offer soul-level Akashic records readings for your soul purpose, life path, relationship compatibility, karmic healing and clearing. Your future is in your hands and dependent on the choices you make today. 

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