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Crystalline Child

by Shaya

I am a Crystalline Child. Not much needs to be said about myself for I will soon have a book out in the next few years. That is one of my many goals. I will say this though I have protected my name on here so meaning I changed it I have always been different, not in a bad way although it has and continually is hard because I am not a big group person or even a 3 people or 4 people group person. I have always been more so a one on one type of person. I am sensitive sometimes and often as a child taking things other kids said overly personal and was hurt countless times even by certain family members. I know now for fact that I have a soul-twin out there somewhere and when the time is right we will be reunited on this earth in this incarnation. I am ever so thankful for this "to be" meeting for I am often lonely because I find that the friends I have (and although I love them dearly) horrid morals, not a clear sense of direction to who they want to be, and who they are at their core. In other words they are a little more lost then I am (I mean this as fact and in no offense or pity) I do not look down on them and I do not have much power over their actions nor do I have much sympathy, a small amount, I do have for some but as for the horrid morals and values not so much. So as you can imagine I feel as if I must (and I hate to put it this way but for lack of better words here it goes) dumb myself down to be on their level or I must hide and smother my true self. I feel as if I am going nowhere as soon as I gather with my friends. So I have become almost a loner, in a sense. I can also say though that I prefer it this way although I am often lonely. I have psychic visions on occasion and so I know my guides are always with me, helping me and spreading love. But I would love to meet more people like me! So please send me an email at i-love-biff @ hotmail .com tell me the basics- age, country, male or female, list you interests or gifts tell me your story the works lol and we will definitely have good convos latter on :) stay happy feel the light , hear the voices, and love. Peace

ps I am 17 female

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