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Debunked Indigo

by Brandon Haralson
(Winter Park, Florida)

I am Indigo, but whats my purpose? I've debunked, and here's what I believe.

Hello, I'm Brandon and I'm 15. I am a male, searching for questions about myself.

My friends parent was approached by a stranger, and told that she was a healer, but her child (my friend) has an important task to help an Indigo find his/her place.

My friend thought it was a joke when her mom told her about it because they were in different states at the time. She told me what the stranger said, and I started googling about Indigo Children/Adults.

I matched every Characteristic of an Indigo child, and I now truly believe I am Indigo. But it left me asking myself, what is my purpose, what am I suppose to do?

After a bunch of different Myths, and Legends...
I came across a story that matched something, and then I was surprised when it ended up matching something else.
What was this story? Well...

It was that a Messenger, is suppose to point out to an Indigo what he/she truly is (Which my friend subconsciously has done). BUT, it goes on...

Indigo's are suppose to help out Crystal Children which have the power to change the world, but are so sensitive about their-selves they are afraid to try. Our job as an Indigo is help Crystals gain that confidence, and make the world around them better and happier for them, So they'll have the confidence to do their life changing evolution.

After I read it a couple times I realized someone very special to me, matched Crystal Characteristics. A girl who I randomly met, that has really bad confidence, who not even psychological help, helps her. She has told me I'm the one who is slowly, but surely giving her confidence. When we met, we just clicked, and it was random too. It was as if we had been friends for years before, but we never knew each other.

Is it possible that I being an Indigo, and her being a Crystal we've subconsciously been connected, and now we've met each other, and that I'm suppose to continue helping her until she is able to continue that path of the Evolution?...


Also, I have the idea that I added to that Myth.
It could be possible, that Crystals and Indigo's are suppose to find each other (mate, lol) and create a Rainbow child, of which would be the first ever Rainbow, And that the Rainbow child could be the next evolution?

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