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Deja Vu

by Georgia

This happened last year... So, I had just made a new friend and she invited me over to her house for a sleepover. How fun :)

Anyway, after school on Friday she came to my house to grab my stuff. By the time we actually GOT to her house it was getting on 6pm. So we decided to make dinner as soon as we got to her house.

We got to her house and I went straight upstairs and I had this feeling I had been here before. I voiced this and she just laughed, so did I.

I asked what we were making. We were having spaghetti, but it was a certain type, I had never made it before.

Without thinking about it, I walked into her kitchen and started pulling out pots, pans and ingredients. I started to make the dinner.

She just looked at me for a few minutes. I didn't notice. I was too busy making dinner. I was interrupted when she said "Georgia! What are you doing?" I got confused and said "Making dinner, weren't we going to do that?" She replied slowly "Yes...but I didn't tell you how to make it or how my kitchen was set out... You have never been to my house before, how do you know where everything is?"

I had to stop. Truth is, I had NO idea how I knew where everything was, or, for that matter, how to make the dish that I was...

That was the start of it. That friends house ended up being haunted, I had some very interesting experiences most were scary, some were just odd.

Like...once I just could NOT go in her kitchen because of what I felt was there and other times we felt in danger. Once we actually left the house because of how bad it was.

Strange...but true.


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Jan 26, 2017
Very Strong Connections
by: Vanessa

I have always had very strong connections to the places and people who feature in the dreams i have had since been a very young child. These dreams have stayed the same in context and have re-occurred at regular intervals all through my life to date.

The people/places/feelings and what the dream is about is the feeling its my life in a dream.

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