Destiny Beyond Words

by Dustin Ericksen
(Salt Lake City)

My whole life I felt different. I was able to 'Tune' in on peoples emotions and thoughts. I could tell what kind of life someone had just by watching them, if they were happy, abused, lonely, almost anything from just watching them. I studied martial arts for awhile and learned about Chi, inner power, Discipline and all of it. I was naturally good at it.

In school I rarely passed classes. Not because I didn't understand it, because I was bored with it. At an early age doctors tried to pawn off on me that I had ADD or ADHD, depending on who we saw. I thought that maybe for a long time they were right. My mom before she died when I was 19 was always telling me how special I was. After she died I found a letter she had written me, telling me how smart I was and why it really was they were frustrated with me. I'm 26 now and finally discovering who and what I really am.

My mom and a friend of hers who was Psychic tried to teach me how to use anything I had, but I wouldn't have it. I didn't show an interest in it for a long time. I found myself bored with conventional means to instruction. I couldn't learn anything unless I saw it and then duplicated it myself. I had a very strong imagination, like I could see events play out right in front of me and everything else just faded out. I got involved in Role Playing and eventually found my way to an RP called Allula. That was when I was 14 and I've been developing it with it's owner ever since. I've made story, graphics all kinds of stuff for it, it became a passion.

Recently I started looking into Indigo people because my dad gave me this Geode he had been holding for me. I felt different every time I held it in my hand. Like, calmer than normal. Growing up we had a lot of family issues, and I had issues with being an angry kid. I got mad easy and cried a lot when I was younger. I still feel that my biggest weakness is my emotional strength which isn't very strong.

As I read over the characteristics of Indigo people, I found that they all described me perfectly. After so many years of wondering what made me different I finally found the answers I've been searing half my life for.

I hate politics with a passion. I feel that it's nothing but a deception and there's better way's of handling things. I can't conform to someone else’s system when I can create the same outcome in a better way, maybe even making a BETER outcome....But my word holds no sway over anything....

I don't generally come out somewhere and post details about myself...I like solitude....But for some reason I guess I felt that if someone read this...Maybe they can help me understand better what I am.

My beliefs are simple...

Make this world a better place and protect the people in it.

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Oct 05, 2008
Hi There
by: citlaly

Hey, it feels good hearing from others like you. You're a blessing. I also have the same experiences like you. The problem is like when some one is going through a bad time or if something is wrong and you have to say it,....

It's a little frightning for me because it could be delicate or precaution to them I I still do not have the guts to say it but something deep inside says, "say it say it" and does not leave me alone until I say it! Well people say that we are indigo adults and to let you now this could be for me really interesting and sometimes scary! _ :o)

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