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Diagnose Indigo Child

by Elisabetta Erben Horrell
(Honolulu HI US)

Baby Elisa 8 Months Old

Baby Elisa 8 Months Old

I suspect (but I am not sure) that I am an indigo adult. I see myself in most of the tracts in each list. Ever since I was 13 I was able to see spirits, I heard voices of loved passed away, I have huge doses of empathy, and people say I am a good writer. (I am Italian, living the USA just since 2007, so my English isn't perfect yet).

I have this poem of when I was 13 where I was talking about death. I remember the feeling of "being cut out", in the time spent in meditation about the crappy world I was in. My nickname was "princess", figure out why! I appeared cold at first sight (and still do) while I am totally opposite. I grew up in a co-dependent family, where the psychological abuse was strong.

At the age of 17 I was sexually assaulted, the guy wanted to kill me, but I escaped rape and death with a weird unnatural strength that made me fight. In the family contest of denial I was in pronounced PTSD as a consequence. Since then I have felt kind of lost, like at the mercy of the winds.

I have had few psychic encounters but I tend to shut it off, I don’t know why. What I never could forget or cut off was the necessity to "save the world", to fix injustices, help the needy, or to feel the natural/human catastrophes, like 9/11 or major quakes. It's like a major pain inside my heart; I feel all the desperation and the hurting. It is so hard to explain. Since I have had memories, I’ve always felt different, as if sometimes was wrong, but I have always felt I have a purpose.

As a child I never was diagnosed with ADHD or ADD or the like, I just recall teachers notes about how brilliant I was but easy distracted. For sure I had a strong contrast with authority figures like parents, teachers, and bosses at work. For sure I thought I thought I could do things better. While I am cold and introverted with most people, with those I feel I am in the same vibe I never stop talking, like a total different person. I am a Gemini too ugh! lol

I was born on June 13, 1976, North Italy

Now it would be great if ANYBODY could tell me if it's possible to diagnose an INDIGO. This would be a great relief to me.

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May 10, 2010
by: Elisa Erben Horrell

I just thought to post the "famous" poem I wrote at 13... translation is bad but I hope the message will get trough...

Death (November '89)
I felt the heat of the summer racing on me, to provoke me a shivering feeling.
Beyond the green horizon frogs croaked
while the sun shone silent erecting itself in the clear blu sky.
Fast the river flowed, washing away all the desolations met in its walk.
Birds softly flew trough draw branches, while a buzzard hovered among the clouds.
The memories run in my mind, strange thoughts strike me.
Violently it invests me, the idea of death, grisly and molt.
With strange satisfaction, I wonder: what do think of a big deal death is?

May 09, 2010
Indigo Child
by: Mary

I heard once that everyone has the ability to be a medium, but not everybody has the ability to actually embrace your gift. You could alway find a medium that can read auras, because Indigo Children have Indigo aura.

May 09, 2010
Gemini to Gemini
by: Sylvia

You sound like a "sensitive". Anyway, that's what I've been called. When I'm with people who are hurting, I feel their pain as though it is mine. I'm an RN and there were times a postop patient's pain would come to me and leave the patient. The other staff would worry as I would be doubled over in pain for 15-20 minutes. Then I'd be okay. I left nursing 5 times because I was so exhausted dealing with patients physical and emotional pain that it was interfering with my life. But I kept going back as I knew that was where I was supposed to be. As a Gemini we need to be around people. We need to communicate. But, we also need to know how to protect ourselves.

I have found that when I ask Father to give the person or people "what they need" to get them through a situation, the pain/worry leaves me and I'm at peace. We don't know what they need, but He does. When I was dying from cancer and a clot in my lung, a young friend from India asked me what I wanted. I didn't know. He prayed over me and within minutes the clot was gone. Months later I asked him what he prayed for. "That you be given what you needed." I needed the clot gone. The surgeon took care of the cancer. Sometimes we need to ask for other people because they don't ask for themselves. "Ask and you shall receive". Your sensitivity is a gift.

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