Diary of an Authentic Psychic

by Valerie Henson

The trials and tribulations of my life as a psychic reader. I wake up, do my meditations and always try to connect to the source. I know when that connection occurs, because I feel a click, that intuitive feeling that yes, my guides are here.

Then I proceed to do a last minute psychic medium morning Blog Talk Radio program. I look to see if there are any callers and try get to as many people as possible. There are the regulars who are always waiting for a free reading, and then the new callers, which help me brush up on my skills.

There is a man who gives me his first name, I do my tuning in, like always, then tell him what comes to mind. A vision, I see of a chicken, but my feeling is not a real chicken, it’s like a toy, then before he says another word I say did your cat or dog cross over? He says my cat did, and then says, the toy chicken was his favourite pet. I'm like, alright, passed that test. Then if that's not enough, I start getting a name of the cat, I know names are proof my spiritual guides are helping me, because there are about a trillion names on this universe. So I then get a flash in my head, Missy, I say. I get a name like Missy. The caller, well my cats name was Mitsy. Ahh, ok well, I guess that's pretty close.

The next day, I'm doing another radio show, this time I'm doing shaman healings, and I ask the caller for their first name like always. Ok, now I am new at this I say, then get a sudden vision of this lady, her foot is swollen, there's a pain running up that foot, and even get the right foot. Even I am stunned, but not only do I pick up on her issues exactly right, I get the next caller issues right and even send her healing energy which gets rid of the pain right there.

Even surprised myself sometimes and just have to give a thanks to my guides for their help that day.

Later that evening, I start taking calls through my call button and feel confident to do so. I have a caller, she is a sceptic who doesn't quite believe in psychics, so I set out to give her some amazing insight. I only need a first name, and then I move on into the reading. Well, at first I'm not feeling anything about her, really feel my abilities left me for a sec. Whatever I say, she is not confirming or disproving either. So, am I off? Not sure, I keep going with my intuition as best as possible. Then I trust my gut and say, you know, I feel I'm being led to do a Medium reading, is that alright? She's like, well that's what I'm looking for, in part. So, I go with a vision, I see a man, who crossed. She says there are three. I then say, ok. Then I see a strong vision, comes through with a man saying, Julie!! She says what? I said Julie. She says, that was his girlfriend. Oh my Gosh! Then I give her more messages he is sending to her. I see, a L, ok, then I say Leon. Still I'm not sure of this name, but I had to go with it. The caller says, that’s my ex-husband. How would you know that? I'm not sure, I tell her, it just comes to me. We say bye and I think, what a great caller!

Then I do a chat and a girl asks, what time and what place will I meet my ex-boyfriend and what does my boyfriend look like. What, am I, a genie? Ok, well I tell her what her boyfriend looks like, the place they will meet, what he will say when they meet etc. Then she says, you mean he is not going to want to get back with me when we meet. I'm like, well he will want to stay friends and she hangs up on me.

This is a daily life of a psychic, I know, I have to accept that everyone won't be happy, and tell myself this. But still somehow, I never feel my readings will satisfy everyone, because, it's not what they wanted to hear.

The hard thing is, I feel I've reached the highest level of psychic ability, but until, psychics are appreciated completely, I will always, deal with these issues.

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Aug 20, 2011
Amazing blog with terrific insight
by: Alex

I like the fact that you talk us through a day and it actually reveals just how hard you work. It is comments and blogs like this that should get more press rather than the all too negative skeptics reviews.

You are a credit to yourself and to psychics everywhere, well done.

Best wishes
Alex - webmaster at psychics-live.com

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