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Discovered I Was an Indigo After Brother's Suicide.

by Frank Wells
(San Diego CA USA)

On February 1st 2008 my brother Jeff (age 26) committed suicide. It is a day and month that I try to cram deep deep into my soul, it is the single driving force behind my relentless pursuit to bring this to light. Since then My mother has been getting signs, books appearing where they weren't before, mediums telling her co-workers and friends that Jeff is asking for her. We are both very open, my mother especially since she is also a Reiki master. Jeff has been communicating to her and we have learned that he was a crystal child. Crystal children are the next wave of evolution and their purpose is to change the world. Indigo's must pave that path and destroy established systems in order for the crystals to plant the seeds in their wake. Jeff was always the center of attention and never without a friend. I have always struggled and learned my lessons through trial and error. My brother was doing the "struggling actor" thing in New York and grew more and more depressed. With the loss of 3 of his friends from the past and a world of anger, war and hate he took on too much and left us. I truly believe it was for a reason and he can do more good where he is now. But I still miss him tremendously, I spoke to him everyday and he was my best friend.

I am in school to be a screenwriter and director; I believe wholeheartedly that in the next 5 years I will have a movie to share with this world that will help more crystal and indigo's awake. I miss my brother every second and am burying him in work, maybe that’s my path, maybe not. Work now is my therapy; I live at libraries and my school pouring over materials. I take honors classes and strive to go to UCLA to do more then make this world laugh at dick and fart jokes and explosions. Jeff will live on because I would have done something great in his honor. I know this movie and these goals of mine will be done because I think of nothing else.

Frank Wells

Rest In Peace Jeff Wells

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Jul 01, 2010
Good luck
by: Karen. hutchinson

All the very best for the future, wishing you every sucess xx

May 16, 2010
by: christopher

I'm very sorry about your brother!

May 29, 2009
well said
by: Anonymous

you should be a writer, what you said is very articulate

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