Discovery of an Indigo

by Sydney
(North Carolina)

Yes, its me <3

Yes, its me <3

This story starts like most any, when I was a child. My first memories were very traumatic, because they were emotion-packed and startling. I was not hurt but it remained with me longer than memories I've made recently.

As a younger child, from the age of 5-8 and perhaps a few years after, I communicated with a man that I felt was my grandfather. He was my father's father and had passed years before my birth. I felt that he protected me. His wife's (my grandmother) house was an old turn of the century house that was next to a very old cemetery.

I believed her house was haunted and knew it was once I saw someone peek in on me while I tried to sleep. My mother tried to calm me down about things in the house but later confessed she felt the same.

The cemetery was a lovely place. Peaceful and perfect. I would go, sit next to or near a tombstone and have "conversations" with people. Later on I found this behavior wasn't questioned because the psychic abilities (I wasn't sure I had) were passed down through the females on my fathers side of the family.

I have had all sorts of experiences throughout my childhood, as well as my thirst for the paranormal, occult and the generally strange, never ended.

My empathy seems to be one of my strongest traits, along with various kinds of healing. I learned how to astral travel as well as anchor for those that did.

My largest problem was being told that what I was doing (by my more religious friends) was that I was straying from the proper path and that what I was doing was wrong. I never ever felt that in my heart. What I have, I believe, is a gift and a burden.

I have been contacted by deceased to relay messages, I have seen horrible things, and had prophetic dreams. (I'm so sorry this is scattered, I keep remembering things to say, bear with me <3)

Lately, I have felt huge surges in energy all around. Lots of change has been happening, a good deal of it hard to deal with or fairly bad things as well. I am feeling a serious connection to find others that are the same as me or feel the same as me, since very few around me understand me. I don't mind, I'm quite alright with being different, although its very nice to have someone that you don't have to explain things to.

A quick summary of info :

Lifepath : 7
Eastern zodiac : fire dragon
Western zodiac : virgo/libra

Please feel free to contact me as you want. I am a stay at home mother of three but also a freelance artist. I am very self expressive in that I have quite a few bod mods. (Tattoo's and piercings).

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Dec 20, 2009
I Believe
by: penelope

Hi, I was reading your story and i don't think people understand people like ourselves I've had many things happen to me as well and people always see you in a different light and I think that those people are different from us they are the ones who are different and have never bothered tracing there lives back to see if they can recall a time when they were the same as us, psychic. Every body had this it was a gift but many people dismiss this, maybe there's something blocking it so that's why they cannot see what we see thanks for reading this best wishes Penelope have a good xmas

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