by Lola

I've been here and there with my own experiences of being an Indigo. I've been through accepting and doubting myself many times but here I am now. Unsure of what I am and what I can do.

When I was little, I've always had a natural fascination for cats. Before I was born my mother told me there was this black cat that used to always follow her when she was pregnant with me. After I was born the cat stopped showing up. One night while my mother had me in her bed she almost rolled over me and she swears she heard and saw a big black cat growl and swipe at her before she rolled onto me. This is one of many spiritual experiences I've had.

As I started growing older, I mostly kept to myself being shy and feeling different from others. There were a few deaths in family from when I was 7 to now. At the age of 7 was when I discovered a few new abilities. It started with being able to tell who would call on the phone. Every time before that person called, I would think about how I haven't heard from them in a while and sure enough in several hours to a day they would call. This was just the beginning.

I was in the laundry room getting my school clothes together. As I sat on the floor, I started thinking about my grandpa and how old he was. Random, right? A few minutes later I got called into the living room and my mom and step-dad sat me down and told me that my grandpa had died. I felt weird, no emotion, just blank from what I heard.

As I went into high school, I started picking up on people's emotions and how they felt. My friends started to call me their mom because I could always tell if something was wrong or upsetting them even if they didn't display it. I started doubting myself in high school. I felt different and like no one really knew me and I started freaking out from picking up on people's emotions and energies. It all became overwhelming. For two years I put a mental block against everything. If anything happened I denied it from happening like sensing others energies. I had everyone blocked. One of my old friends though had brought me out of this blocked phase my junior year. I owe it to him big time.

I was about to spend the night at a friends and I overheard my mom and her boyfriend talking. They were talking about one of their good old friends and how he had a bad cancer. Now I've never met this man or even heard of his name up until then. I know this is bad to say, but in my head I thought out of the blue, today is his last day, tomorrow he'll be gone. I went to my friend's and had out slumber party. When my mom came to get me the next day, she and her boyfriend were talking about the man and how he had passed that morning. I sat in shock literally.

A few weeks ago, I was walking on my college's campus and this one girl was next to me and it's like her energy was repelling me or something. I could feel her whole contained energy just repelling me away and it freaked me out to be honest..

All of that brings me to now. As I sit here typing this, I have many questions. A couple months ago I started doubting myself majorly. At times, I can sense others energies but one thing that hasn't changed is me being in tune with others. Recently, I've been feeling energies that aren't peoples but spirits (I think). In fact, for the past two days, I've been feeling a calm male energy following me. I don't know if I am an Indigo, Psychic, etc. truly but all I do know is that all of this has happened in events that don't seem like coincidences. I'm still struggling but maybe that's why I feel another energy within the room.

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