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Dowser Defines Indigos

by Martin Barnett

Indigo people. I can share with you my take on the indigo people. I say people instead of children, because I have met one who is in his mid 50s, and another who is 30yrs old. The indigos etc are incarnations from 7th dimensional beings. What we know as regular Earth humans are incarnations of beings in the 5th dimension (2/3 of us) and 6th dimension (1/3 of us). In our time line, there is nothing dark (evil, etc.) beyond the 6th dimension, unless it was brought over by a dark artist in this time line who knows of the dark parallels and has the concentration and focus to do so, with commitment to the dark side of our material experiences here.

In my intuitive dowsing and remote viewing, I use detailed shielding for any of my endeavors in the ethers. The indigos need no shielding. I’ve met a 7yr old indigo who remote views like a well trained KGB agent. The child went somewhere that I told her to stay away from, and she went anyway – with no repercussions, which I later confirmed with dowsing to/with her higher self. I was able to explain to her that she was actually accomplishing what was in her thoughts, that her superior concentration was not merely just her imagination. The 30yr old doesn’t use shielding and uses quantum mechanics better than PhD’s who merely explain our quantum existence. I do the same (with shielding), but he does it with less effort than I.

I get that about 64% of the indigos with 7D souls are of one species that ascended, which is 5D essence/awareness from the higher self coming into the 3D body. Their souls evolved/ascended from 6D to 7D. They are not here to lead us through our ascension, but to teach, guide, and nurture our developments during ascension. Their efforts will be of utmost value during our cellular cleansing, as most of us will need to be told that this inner-painful process is temporary and will have the grandest goal in its completion. The personal cellular cleansing will begin after the bad guys are isolated from us, and 30 days (give or take a coffee break or two) after any Earth changes have been completed.

True indigos, crystals and blue rays are beyond just being psychic, once they consciously team up with their higher self/soul. It’s all pretty remarkable.

Yours, Martin Barnett

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Sep 13, 2009
by: hello everyone;)

I do understand what you are talking about! I agree that this is the time when all of us who feel this time coming, but are all confused with what to to. We feel that we need to lead, save, and change the world but all we can do is wait and prepare. Some things are changeable, but some things are inevitable. Through experience is how I know this. Ive seen things in my own future and am finally able to decipher dreams from real ones, if you know what I mean, but was able to change them because of what I foresaw. However, the things that aren't changeable, may be prolonged, but in the end is inevitable. These unchangeable things are what we must prepare and grow stronger for. We will know what to do when the time comes and who we can save.

Aug 25, 2009
reply to Kaylor 8-24-9
by: Martin

Kaylor, when the time line split kicks in, you'll remember. Just keep opening your communication with higher self. Martin

The Split

I've been dowsing into the coming time line split for months. This multiple split is why you'll hear of so many different versions/visions of the immediate future. I'm getting that there will be 3 main ones. In all potentials, lucy-fur will be set in a corner to contemplate his going overboard with his assignment; so he's finally out of the mix. All time lines will notice that people are missing.

There's no way that this text can be perfectly correct, as no one really knows any details of the future.

This text is just something to work with for a few months, though I've been told that the split will be somewhat different from what I understand as parallel time lines. Here's what I've found for now:

1)The Accelerated Ascension time line: About 105 million real humans will have this 70* to 90* tilted and radically cleansed planet in a different orbit who will do the personally-painful cellular cleansing for 14 to 24 months; leading to the higher selves moving from 6D to 7D; our bodies/minds moving from 4D consciousness to 5D consciousness.

Other highly advanced civilizations in this galaxy (and within galaxies in this universe) will ascend after we set the pace with our progress. They're watching closely. All of this will complete sometime in 2012.

2) The 1000 Years of Peace time line: This will be folks without a severe planet tilt, more similar to the I Am America map (attachment #2); probably with a broken mechanical infrastructure; will rebuild/reorganize local society; eventually weaning off of fossil fuels with the help of friends who may not be from around these parts. No bad aliens; no social terra-forming commanded from places unknown; expanded but limited (at the start) contact with friends in cloaked ships; development of intuition without distraction or impostors.

(I'm quite excited for their future contact with the good reptoids, many of whom have earned new 5D souls per their dedicated curiosity and faith in Creator, having bravely broken away from the bad reptoids. The controlling bad reptoid race does not have souls in 5D or above.)

These people will most likely create the 3D/4D paradise that we've always envisioned; the paradise that we know we had the potential to create here. My bet is that fabulous (and galaxy-famous) music and art (3D) will come from this group. Communication with the devic kingdom and the animals will return.

3) This group will still have the controlling reptoids as their hidden masters. Clones, hybrids, androids, and those without souls who are hereditary down-linked from the reptoids-breeding-with-humans, etc., will comprise over half of the populace. There will be even less of a planet tilt in this time line. Martial law will be here. This split into this time line may happen before the other time lines open up.

Mar 23, 2009
for Kaylor
by: Martin

Kaylor, Please begin to trust your imagination and the images in your mind's eye. State firmly to the cosmos that will will only accept telepathic communication from your higher self. Begin to even feel what's in your mind's eye, and translate that into usable information the best you can, until you can be telepathic with your 7D higher self. Keep in touch, Martin

Mar 22, 2009
Higher Awareness???
by: Kaylor

Hello Martin,

I enjoyed your post, even though it's a little over my head. Sorry!

(I've just recently realized that I am an Indigo, so right now, everything appears to be over my head.)

You sound very knowledgable. Do you have any theory as to exactly WHAT it is that most Indigos say they are "waiting for?" I too have always felt like I'm suppose to be "waiting" for something, but I have no idea what it is.

I hope this site will send me a notice if you post anything NEW! OR! You can find MY POST, and leave me a post there.


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