Drawn to Indigo Child Prophecy

by Robert J. Jones JR
(Port Townsend, Washington, USA)

I have been drawn to the entire "Indigo Child" Prophecy, but am still unsure. It is difficult to explain every little thing that I have experienced in my 22 years of life thus far, but many whom know me personally, and impersonally, have asked me to try to write some of them to explain to someone who may or may not be able to give me further insight into it all, and who can maybe understand it.

I initially wrote a summary of some of the more notable things I have experienced, however, this "summary" ended up being so lengthy that it was 5 times longer than the allowed 10,000 characters on this page. So I will leave it at this:

Since a young age, I have been surrounded by strange phenomena, invoked strange behavior within people, been the cause of a lot of even stranger and unexplainable phenomena, have a history of causing machines to badly malfunction or completely burn out (I had to custom build this computer to be EM shielded, since my last 2 fell victim of this), and I have been told by many, many, people that my words carry with them a type of power unlike anything they have ever experienced. My emotions tend to cause a lot of these more destructive manifestations to happen, whereas merely my thoughts have caused many of the others. I've known that I am different because of the vast amount of things that I don't even have the space to mention here, and have been told by literally thousands that they can sense that I am different than any other person they know (and have been dreamt about by many). However, I was unsure of what this difference was until a person e-mailed me recently, in response to an article I had written, and told me that I may be an indigo. I am not too sure what this means yet, but I am open to exploring this as being the possible answer to the question that has been bothering me my whole life, and if the answer is here, then I will be grateful to finally know that I am not alone.

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