Dutch Indigo Child?

by Janine
(The Netherlands)

Hello, My name is Janine. I'm from the Netherlands. I wonder if I am an Indigo Child. I'm 19 years old, and still fighting with my parents almost every week.. I did an online test and I scored 100%, so they said I must be an Indigo Child. Could it really be, or is my behaviour just normal?

I can't concentrate, or I have daydreams.
I'm either to late or to early at an appointment.
I feel it if people are stressed, angry, confused etc.
I can't handle rejection.
I HATE rules wihtout a real reason for them.
If someone is in truble I always help, without even thinking about myself in any way.
I need a challenge.
I always want to know everything, I keep asking questions.
I don't naturally trust people.

I'm sorry if my english is bad. But can somebody help me?

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