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Dutch Indigo Child

by Sara

From when I was born, I was like a little monster, at 9 months I was starting to speak, at 11 to walking, at 2 years swimming and at 3 writing. My mother told me that I was wired totally different to the other children. She was also scared, because more than one time, I told her about situations, that for sure, I never heard anything about. I was dreaming about my cousin falling off the bike, and it was true. I’d see many things like that, good and bad.. but my Mother preferred to hide everything, forget everything..

I was brilliant, but hyperactive. And I was a very bad student. Now I’m 25, and for all my life I felt different, and I had a lot of problems with myself. I was doing things that I hate, I was mad, depressed.. but I didn’t know why and what to do.

Now as I read for the first time about the indigo children my life is changing. I don't feel alone anymore. I know that there are some that understand me.

I still don't know very well what to do, but I’m on my way! I’m learning as much as I can about this, and I’m trying to have back my gift, but I don't know if they are destroyed, from wrong influence and wrong society.
Help me if you can!

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Jun 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

I don't have twitter... Do you have skype?

Jun 24, 2014
Netherlands Indigo Child
by: Emma

My name is Emma I'm 11 years old, I come from Germany / Enschede, Netherlands. I'm an Indigo child. I know because of this:

I taught myself to read and write before I came to school.

Since I finished Primary school I can't find a school where I'm not the outsider or I feel stupid and misunderstood.

I feel like I'm here to change the world (I know what but most people dislike me because of that so I'm not going to tell).

I've done many tests on this today and it always said that I am.

A lot of other things.

I had/(maybe) have contact to a ghost.

About the ghost... It's a really long story and actually the ghost told me not to tell (It's not a joke!!) so I'd just like to tell someone who is also (more than the others) like me... =-(

My e-mail address: emma-huebner

Please contact me if you think that you're an Indigo child!!!

Mar 24, 2013
Indigo ftw
by: Quintin

I couldn´t find your name or contact info,

Im on twitter @dutchindigo

Dec 29, 2011
Getting it back
by: Matthew

Your story is interesting. I also had some experiences - kinda like out of body I guess, but I never actually left my body awake since I was too scared and eventually I managed to suppress this, to my later regret when I finally understood what it is. Maybe you have since found a way to get back your ability? I think the secret may lie in Art...


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