When Email Psychic Readings Are The Best Option

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Some reasons for choosing email psychic readings.

  • First time client? - This is a great way to measure the connection between psychic and client. Starting the ball rolling with your most pressing questions allows to you get to the point in a cost and time effective way. Love your results? Then move on to live chat, phone, or skype for real time advice you now know and trust.

  • Scarcity of free time? - We live in a giddy-up go society and juggling a packed schedule doesn’t permit the luxury of time to visit or chat with a psychic. 
  • Shy? - Many suffer nerves when talking to a psychic on the phone or in person.
  • Prefer writing to talking? - People who prefer collecting their thoughts and emotions on the page would also rather read psychic advice and insights at their own pace.
  • Hearing impaired? - Afraid you will miss important parts when talking on phone or in person. It’s more effective for people with hearing challenges to read the psychic’s report.  
  • Brain Fog? - Certain medical conditions i.e. Fibromyalgia, CFS, Lupus can cause brain fog. People with ‘cloudy’ brains find it difficult to concentrate and converse and find that answers to their questions via email is ideal.
  • Simply more convenient for you? - Your consultation will be stored in your inbox until you are ready to read it. And you can easily keep a record of your messages and replies.
Email Psychic Readings - Ask Ian Parkin

I am the owner, webmaster, and principal clairvoyant reader here at the Psychic Junkie Website. I deeply care about what is on your mind and how you are feeling about your future.

Ask Ian Parkin by Email

Here is my email psychic readings process:

Step 1 - Decide what level of interaction you would like.

  • Level 1 - $45:  A simple, one question, reading that will be answered in one email reply.
  • Level 2 - $60: A more interactive reading that requires more time and will receive two replies from me. You are able to reply to my first response with a further question.
  • Level 3 - $90: A more involved email interaction with a total of THREE replies.

Step 2 - Click on the Buy Now button below to make your payment by PayPal. This gives you a safe and secure way of paying via credit cards or your PayPal funds. I will receive notification of your payment and you will be returned to this page to ask your email question in the form below.

Choose Level (1, 2, or 3?)

Step 3 - Use the Ask Ian Parkin form below. I will do my best to reply within 24 hours, but please allow 48 hours as we may have some delay due to our world time zone differences.

Email Psychic Readings | Ask Ian Parkin

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Do Email Psychic Readings Work?

Do Email Psychic Readings Work?

Skeptics will tell you that the psychic and client must be in the same proximity. That is just not true. Good psychics are not geographically challenged. The Astral plane is reachable from anywhere on earth.

Each letter of each vibrates at its own speed. Psychics can ‘read’ the energy vibrations in your email to them. Those who receive information by channeling, connect with Spirit Guides and transcribe insights and explicit guidance to you.

Tip: Attach your recent photo to your email psychic readings. Your psychic may be experienced with reading auras or read the energy radiating from your eyes. He/She may do a health scan, looking for any ‘hot spots’ that need medical attention.

What are Benefits of Email Psychic Readings?

  • Your psychic is not rushed when preparing an email reading. You’ll profit with additional details. Alternatively, you may read and re-read your report at your leisure. 
  • Psychic readings by email are usually more affordable than phone or in person readings.
  • You compose your questions in the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • Connecting with a trusted psychic by email is a blessing and will be standing by the next time you have a sticky situation that needs resolving.

Ian Parkin is the owner, webmaster, and principal psychic of this Website.
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