How to Have Experiences In Past Life Regression

Why would you want to have some experiences in past life regression? Sometimes, we feel the strongest possible draw to a certain location, to a certain era, that may objectively not even seem that attractive (nor comfortable to live in) to anyone else. In our day and age, we have a very clear idea of the oppressive hierarchy of ancient Egypt, the rigid rules of old Japan, the grim reality of Victorian England, yet these and many other epochs have us drawn to them. 

Sometimes, it's just for the look of them, the glamour, the art, the music, but sometimes, the feelings of attraction run deeper. Some places, eras or events simply feel familiar. Too familiar even, if the events in question are not of the most pleasant kind.

Reincarnation and with it the idea of past lives has appeared and reappeared as a spiritual concept throughout the ages, religious movements and schools of thought. The notion of an immortal soul moving from one body to another in succession certainly makes more logical sense than a lot of other metaphysical scenarios and, judging from experiences of various people to report on it, seems a notion worth exploring.

Usually, past life regression is done with the help of a person specialising in the field but the obvious question arises - do you really need a professional hypnotherapist or a psychic medium to guide you into past lives, or can you do it all by yourself?

Experiences In Past Life RegressionMetaphysical Experiences in Past Life Regression?

The answer is - yes. Do It Yourself Past Life Regression is indeed possible and, for many people, preferable to one guided by a third party. Being such a deeply personal and intimate topic, experiences from previous reincarnations (some go so far as to refer to them as "repressed memories") are perhaps best accessed alone, in seclusion. This way, the feeling may be more liberating and the stress and shame of inadvertently blurting out something embarrassing in front of a psychic or hypnotist is avoided altogether. Your experiences and memories remain your own to examine in peace.

How to Have Some Experiences in Past Life Regression

The way to go about having your own experiences in past life regression is similar to meditation and mindfulness insomuch as avoiding all external influences, then clearing your mind of conscious thoughts, and then to focus on a spiritual journey which is not too different from astral projection.

Once you get into that semi-hypnotic state between wakefulness and sleep, try to mentally create a hallway through which you are to pass. Imagine it vividly so that you can use the same astral image every time you want to explore your past lives. Now will your astral frame to walk this hallway, open the door at the end of it (and open your mind with it), being ready to accept whatever you may be able to see.

At first, the images, sounds and sensations may be as simple as smelling the ocean or seeing the color red, the feeling of petting a dog or observing an old house that used to be yours. Sometimes, you may face memories a lot more vivid and a lot less pleasant.

Stay focused, keep your mind open, and accept whatever comes your way. Let memories randomly appear and disappear, as if on a computer screen. Don't question what you see - you will have plenty of time to do that once you're back from your hypnotic trance. Be receptive and you may discover information well beyond your highest expectations.

With practice, images and sensations will become stronger, more detailed and, with them, your connection to your past lives will blossom. Persevere and you will have some fascinating experiences in past life regression.

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