Explains Being Indigo

by Heather Miles
(Risingsun, Ohio USA)

I must be an Indigo....that explains a lot!

Hello, my name is Heather and I was born on 6-6-70. My story begins as a child, when I would see things that were not there, no one ever had an acceptable answer so I kept all these strange things to myself, but I never forgot one of them.

I always new there was something different about me and never understood why. My childhood was a very traumatic experience and I never felt really loved. I was alone in this world and couldn't understand why I was here since my mother never wanted me. What puzzles me the most about my childhood is not so much the alone time that I had, but the strange fact that I have had very unusual encounters with the creatures of this Earth.

At the age of 6 I was stung by a jellyfish that was bigger than my head, and each tentacle wrapped around a body part...each arm, each leg, and his body sat on my head like a hat...It was a painful experience that's for sure. Shortly after the jellyfish sting, I was stung by a nest of ground bees because my ball landed on top of there nest and when I reached down to pick it up...they swarmed me and I was covered from head to toe, another painful experience. At the age of 8 before we left Maryland a copperhead lunged at me while I was riding my bike, and he missed me by inches, but snakes don't jump and that's not possible were the words from my mommas mouth. And then we came to a quiet period where no animals attacked until my teenage years. At the age of 14 I was walking in the mountains with some friends and had a very strange feeling, but I didn't really know why I was having this feeling until I stepped over an opening in the rocks and saw a rattlesnake in striking position as I stepped right over him. Luckily he didn't strike, but he was ready too. I made the person behind me stop and everyone said I was lucky he didn't bite me, but I wander was it luck or something else.

The next animal encounter was a spider bite at the age of 16 by a brown recluse spider and a small scar on my arm now. I was bitten by another brown recluse at the age of 34, and that one was the same story, except the spider bit me twice side by side and made it look like a snake bite...but no scar! Amazing, but is it really.

And many, many more experiences with animals... and nature.

I have led a very unusual and chaotic life so far, but now that I understand more about myself I understand the challenges I had to face to make me the person I am today. I could go on and on with the experiences in my life, but I won't bore you with all the details.... I am just happy that I finally know why I feel the way I do and experience the things I do...

But seriously I could really use some guidance in this area...is this the reason I have all these strange things happen to me, and why my dream world interacts with my physical world.

I have so many questions and no one to ask...that is until now.....

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