Fairy Language of Indigo Child

by Carvan Craft
(Anderson, South Carolina, United States of America)

I recently started to look up other religious views to find out what I truly believe and found out that I'm an Indigo Child. I've realized that computers have a hard time working correctly around me, streetlights either go out or light up when I pass them, I can feel what others are feeling (see into their true soul), I see auras and ghosts, and have extremely vivid dreams of other worlds, other people, and ghosts that enter my dreams.

The only ghosts in true form I have seen are my dead pets. However, my roommate's ghost walked into my dream once, and although I have never seen him in person, my roommate said I described him perfectly (b/c she's seen him). I've always felt different. My mom says I used to talk in my sleep in a different language and make up languages, I used to call mine "Fairy Language", and I was always fascinated with the stars and had a gift with animals. I've always had average grades, however, I've felt like I was smarter than what the paper showed, even my dad told me that. I have anxiety about many things: social, tests, I even rock in my sleep and have anxiety ticks. I was constantly made fun of in school for drawing fairies, making up languages, and my anxiety ticks.

Sometimes I'd have romanticized dark thoughts... or some were just incredibly bloody daydreams, dreams, or thoughts/visions. I'll get Deja Vu frequently and remember that I had dreamed of a place in which I have never been before months or years before I have been there.

So many things I have yet to know about myself. Even the Chi Gong lady, who I had my first lesson with, said I was incredibly wise, intelligent, and spiritually-balanced for my age (which is 19). I'm only a sophomore in college, but my boyfriend who is twenty three seems much younger than me in comparison. I have a hard time making friends unless they are deep and mature like me. Thank God I found a few old souls with whom I can pal around with! I hope to grow spiritually and let my Core Star (or inner soul) shine bright!

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Oct 25, 2014
by: sabre

I am also a indigo (: i can do all you can and im only 20 around the same age as you, my mom is also the same way but i got the more prominent traits, about the faeries they are real (: they are guides almost what you would call guardian angels, i have a hard time controlling my anger though.. and i let people walk all over me until i just snap haha but im a great teacher and speaker, many older people have gone silent when listening to me. my name is sabre like the sword ;) if you need a friend or someone to answer questions for you sabre.sutherlin@gmail.com is my email <3

Nov 22, 2012
you remind me of ME!!
by: Anonymous

I am tired but I will write as much as I can possible. Ever since I was born I knew I was different. In school I tried my complete hardest to make friends. In the end the rejected me as an outsider. Even my parents knew I was different from the other children. They thought and still think of me as being easily distracted. I shutter and cry when something is killed such as something as small as a fly.

Just to be saying I live in hickville. People here are obsessed with hunting. It disturbs me to my core. I have such a deep connection to animals that no one, even friends don't understand. I think of things like ideas but they are not ideas. These ideas end up being real. Like disasters, a death, or something as little as a test grade. Another one was what was to come to my future within the next 20 minutes. There is not much room left I have one last thing I dream of fairies.

Aug 23, 2012
please get in touch with me!!!
by: jordan symonette

i found out the same way you did. i was looking for a higher truth. your story is the same as mine even the computers an street lights. PLEASE im not a weirdo i just need my true brothers an sisters. i feel so alone i need to talk to someone like me. my number is 631-639-9281 my email is gthirty5@gmail.com my twitter is @jls3189 an facebook: jordan symonette im 23 an live in NY please get in touch!

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