Finding My Indigo Home

by Viogem

I experienced unusual things in my childhood. Once I saw a blue ghost when I was around 8 years old, it tried to come near me, I just got scared and screamed. Another thing, when I was in primary school, my classmate hid my school bag at her home. And she whispered to another girl where my school bag was. The two girls and I were about 50 meters apart in the yard. But I heard what she whispered; I just rushed to her home and got my school bag back.

Last year when I was 31, I experienced my soul out of my body and the real me just saw the whole world is a dream. In another word, all of us are in a dream now. After that I know the real me is not my body, the real me just like Consciousness. (it's hard to describe by words).

As an indigo, I feel lonely sometimes, because nobody around me can understand what I feel. What's more I feel many rules of this world are ridiculous. Just like marriage. The whole system of marriage is wrong. Because it is based on occupation. Human beings try to occupy things by working. And they try to occupy a woman or man by marriage. So that's why people feel painful in marriage. Because we are not used to be occupied by anyone. We want to connect to all the people, not just connect a wife or a husband. We want to care and love all the human beings, all the animals and plants; we want to love the whole universe. Not just the people around us. I'm Chinese and grew up in China , I tried to persuade my parents I don't want to marry someone, because I think the system of marriage is wrong. They can't understand me.

Next year I will quit my job and start traveling. I don't know what to do next except passing love to people I meet, except telling them we should love each other , no matter the colors of our skin, or our languages .

For my future, it’s uncertain. Sometimes I just feel a little depressed. I need courage, I wish to meet indigo people. I miss my real home. I miss the people who like me, understand me. I wish to be back in indigo's home.

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Jul 14, 2014
by: Ms Starr

I read your post and maybe this will help. First thing is out of body is separation of the body from the soul. It shows you that after the body dies our soul goes on. It is confirmation that there is life after death. Your release is just at the edge of a dream where you are most comfortable. If you have done this you will improve your control as time goes by.

Second marriage as it is not how you described. Love is a growing thing. First you must find your soul mate. You will know him when you meet him. My husband and I have known each other since we were six years old. We were friends until we were 17. I had not seen him in a few years and when we reconnected it was electric. All we did was touch hands and I knew he was the one I'd marry. We have been married for 34 years and are still in love. The love you have in the beginning of a marriage is nothing to compare to the love we now have. We grow together, and found common ground. I read him and can think of things and he says them to me. It is funny even when he is in another room or out some place if I think of him calling or coming out to see what I am doing he does. That is what a soul mate is. Don't give up on marriage, you just need to find your soul mate.

Believe me it is all worth it.

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