by Elisha
(Uinta Basin)

Hallaluwa!!! (i think thats how its spelt? : ) All my life people have thought of me as weird, but now I know that they are the weird ones with their inability to think outside the box. Now my way of thinking has changed. I used to give these people the power by letting them get to me. Now I’m trying to brush their comments aside because I’ve realized that these other people just want someone to put down to make them feel more important and their afraid of the unknown.

However; we know how important we are, and will be the last hope of peace, love, and understanding. SO I FORGIVE THEM! Boy that is hard to say and truly mean it!! But I’ll say it again I FORGIVE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAS BEEN RUDE TO ME, MISSTREATED ME, AND I HOPE THEIR GONNA FIND A WAY TO FORGIVE THEMSELVES!!! Yes I feel much better just by saying that. I trust in who I am and feel great about who I am. THANKYOU LORD! & Thankyou for whoever started this website, so that people like us finally have a place to feel comfortable and accepted!

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