Free Online Psychic Readings

on Yahoo Answers

So you are after FREE, and I mean really free online psychic readings? 

Well you have come to the right place because I will show you how to get your free online psychic reading from Yahoo Answers.

Personally, I don’t recommend free psychics, but if you must, this is one of the places where they are.

There's no money involved just a little time and effort in getting to them and having your psychic questions answered. 

You will start by opening a new browser window to

On Yahoo Answers:

free online psychic readings
  • First you will need to have a Yahoo ID or sign up for one.
  • Then you will have three choices. ASK – ANSWER – DISCOVER.
  • Click ASK. Then follow these three steps
  1. Enter your question. Start with the words [Psychics please answer this question.] This will allow psychics to find your question when they search for questions to answer.
  2. Add details (optional). Here put the details of the question you would like psychic answers to.
  3. Categorize the question. Categorizing helps free psychics find your question and answer it. Choose “Society and Culture” > “Religion and Spirituality” Or you could also try “Entertainment and Music” > “Horoscopes” Or you can just choose "Other" because most psychics who will offer a free psychic reading will find your question from searching the psychic keyword you have started your question with above.

Then click email notification at end of form so that you will be emailed by Yahoo when people give you a free psychic reading. The downside of this is that you will have to sort though plenty of silly nonsense answers from nutters who don’t like psychics, religious fanatics who are too righteous for their own good and other bored silly people who will enjoy winding you up. But amongst all that there are some real psychics who for one reason or another like to give free psychic readings.

Now click the link to Yahoo Answers below. It will open a new window so that you can keep my guidelines visible too.

Links for Free Online Psychic Readings

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