Free Online Psychics in MySpace

There were many good quality psychic groups in MySpace with free online psychics in them. But everything has changed!

This was a similar process to finding a free psychic reading on Tribe but a little more long-winded and time consuming. Mainly because you had to wait seven days from the time you join until the time you could find and post questions to the various free online psychics.

But since creating this page everything has changed on MySpace.  I will leave the older overview here as it may help you navigate the updated site. If you find your way and want to come back and leave some tips for others, please use the comments section at the foot of this page.

Previously you would have started by opening a new browser window and typing in then you would have signed up and created your profile. As soon as you had done that, you could have started searching for groups featuring free online psychics and join their psychic groups. In a week's time you would have returned to post some requests for your free psychic readings.

The delay  on My Space was to stop people spamming the groups. Because they had this hurdle for spammers it does keep the quality of the posts higher and on target for each of the psychic groups on My Space.

Here are a few groups to show what I mean. But remember to search yourself too. Use different psychic keywords like clairvoyants, tarot readers, mediums etc. You will no doubt find many kindred spirits who are happy to answer a free psychic question.


The URLs below no longer work, please leave comments at foot if you know how to find them now.

This is a place for clairvoyants and other psychics to come and write about whatever. You can read, you can just post, and above all else, validate yourself! The Moderator has officially graduated from clairvoyant training and is thinking about teacher training next:

This is a group for learning, asking questions and overall psychic knowledge and wisdom. Come here and ask questions about anything you might be interested in or curious about. Lets help each other. The more you know, the more you grow. Some subjects include but are not limited to parallel universes, reincarnation, psychics, tarot, tarot cards, spirits, spiritual, spirituality, astrology, astral projection:

For anyone who performs psychic readings for a living whether you are doing it for entertainment or spiritual advice:

Psychics & Mediums: Everyone is psychic. There are individuals who choose to pursue their abilities to assist others and there are those who just want answers. I'm a psychic/medium/healer and I enjoy chatting with other active psychics or anyone just interested a free psychic question:

Psychics and Mediums This is for anyone that knows they are a psychic, medium, spritulist, or even if you just have one experenice:

Psychic Talk is a group where free online pyschics, mediums, spiritualists, witchs, wiccans and everyone else can congregate and discuss things they're curious about:

Psychics & Mediums of the free world:

Long Before Brian Weiss wrote about reincarnation in 1988, or Barbara Brennan wrote about energy healing in 1988, a group of like-minded individuals on Long Island had already been meeting for several years sharing seemingly fantastical experiences they could not explain and to ponder many metaphysical phenomenon that seem almost commonplace today:

This group is for people to exchange ideas, incantations, spell and ritual layouts...ect. Also, to exchange information about healings, Crystal Healers, Ascension Healers, Reiki Healers, Angelic Healers, Aromatherapy Healers, ect. All Wiccans, Healers, Witches, Pagans, Free Online Psychics, Tarot Readers, or people just seeking to learn are welcome:

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