A Free Online Tarot Reading Giving The Past, Present And Future Away

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Use this free online tarot reading service to pick your 3 cards showing past, present, and future outcome.  Knowing what to expect in the future, gives you time and confidence to handle whatever comes your way.

For your 3 card - past, present and future reading I am using the Connolly Tarot deck.  This is an easy and quick offer you can use multiple times. Because it's available to you at any time, on any day, you may want to save this page so you can return as and when needed. 

Free Online Tarot Reading - Connolly CardsPast Present and Future Revealed In An Instant

How To Use This Free Online Tarot Reading Offer

When you draw your three cards the first will provide insight of the past, the second card looks at where you are now, and the third card gives a prediction for the future.

Before you jump in, I'd like to suggest two ways of gaining insight from this free online tarot reading system.

1) The written tarot meanings that come up will obviously give you a quick and simple result. Consider what you read for the first card as something in the past that has influenced the present. Look at what you read for the second card as an indication of something influencing your present situation right now. And then contemplate the meaning of the third card as a sign of the future as it may unfold if you do nothing significant to change your path.

2) Your own intuition can provide an alternative way of using this free online tarot reading system. Make sure you are in a relaxed state of mind when drawing your three cards. Then, without reading the given meanings at all, just contemplate each card's image. What little thing jumps into your awareness first? Imagine  the imagery of the card was speaking to you - what are you hearing? 

Here's an example. In my image above the three cards are Past: Ace Of Swords.  Present: The Fool. Future: Five Of Pentacles. 

Without reading any meanings I see the past reveals (Ace Swords) you have already started something significant. At the time it may have seemed too big for you to handle. The present (The Fool) reveals that while you may be uncertain of the direction to take, the simple answer is to just keep going. The wrong direction is blocked by an obvious warning. And your only difficulty is due to the comfort zone you have left behind and are drawn to return to. The future (Five Pentacles) tells me that, no matter what, you will have the blinders removed in due course. So if you chose to wait things out for awhile everything will become crystal clear anyway. 

Compare that with the written meanings for the above spread: 

  • Past: Ace of Swords - The seeds of success and triumph are taking root.

  • Present: You are now at the crossroads. The decision you make can be important. Think carefully. The Fool has climbed the steep cliffs of his higher consciousness from the ocean of his spirituality. We see him poised and in the process of making a choice. Standing on the purple path of his master, his pink and purple tunic denotes the strength to make the right choice. As the Fool begins his journey of life, he will experience every level required to complete the journey of the soul. The key word for the Fool is Choice.

  • Future: Five of Pentacles - Take the time to review what is happening in your life and what you want. Don’t be afraid. Listen to your higher self and open the gate of opportunity.

Remember these are just examples of how to use the free online tarot reading system- don't take the message above personally.

This Free Online Tarot Reading Is No Longer Available

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Question the online tarot reading experts standing by to explore and address your more pressing problems.

A real tarot readings is the most convenient way to get metaphysical help and advice when you want it. No need to drive long distances to get a face-to-face reading. You can sign on the internet any time, any day for an online tarot card reading.

You’ll find hundreds of reputable, experienced tarot card readers on the best psychic reading sites. Alternatively, you may be lucky enough to find some real readers in your local area. But browse through the profiles on these psychic networks before you make a final selection. Look for tarot readers who specialize in your area of concerns, such as career, relationships, personal growth, etc.

Rate the profiles of five tarot readers, who appeal to you. You need to list several preferences since your first choice may not be available.

Next, take a good, slow look at the pictures. While pictures of your favorites may not be worth 1,000 words, they reveal certain personality traits. For instance, a genuine smile, which reaches the eyes indicates a person with plenty of joie de vivre. This implies the reader would help put a positive spin on your troubles.

Pick out the top three readers, whose pictures and profiles ‘reached out’ to you. Note the psychic network they are affiliated with. Keep the other two in reserve in case your favorites are booked up. Use good, better, best as identifiers, labeling your most favorite best and so on.

Before you take an online reading, check out the newcomer promotional offers associated with your favorite Tarot reader’s networks. Most psychic networks offer deals to new customers, like a first 3 minute free online tarot reading offer. Some of these psychic portals offer heavily discounted readings to newbies. 

Finally, compare the regular prices of the three readers you have selected. (What you will pay following the promotional offer) Generally, prices range from about $1 to $10 per minute.

Be mindful, you will enjoy total anonymity, in the privacy of your own home, with online tarot readings. Because the readings are conducted through real-time typing, or real time voice on phone or skype, your reader can reveal the meanings of each card as it is drawn, or if they are a clairvoyant tarot reader like myself, they will give you a fully psychic reading without the need to mention each and every card. Subsequent to your reading, if conducted by chat, you’ll have the ability to save the session transcript and re-read at your convenience.

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