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Glimpse of my Past Life in a Dream

by Lucy

I have been fasinated with Past Lives for as long as I can remeber and I have always felt like I have lived before but one night as I was drifting off to sleep I had a vision/dream which I beleive was a glimpse of a Past Life.

In the dream I remember being at the bottom of a big grass hill (It felt like in Scotland) and saying to the people next to me 'I think they have gone now' and feeling a big sense of relief but after I said this a big group of Celts (probably about 7 or 8 of them) with face paint and swords charged down the hill and chased us but then I either woke up or the vision faded. This Dream felt different to a 'normal' Dream and it felt like a distant memory.

Maybe it really was just a dream or a product of my over active imagination but I plan to visit a Past Life Regressionist when I am older and find out more about my Past Lives and see if I really did have a Past Life like the one in my Dream.

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Jun 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

That's really neat actually...yeah it's usually the dreams that seem like fragmented memories, and there always a bit personal. Sometimes it might be a faded glimpse of something, or hearing old time music as you sleep that gives you a hint of nostalgia. Past lives are amazing and bittersweet at the same time. lol It sucks to wake up with tears in your eyes. But definitely go for it.

May 07, 2011
Elegant Past
by: Barbi Lei a Custodio

I was seeing myself wearing old cloths with a dress like an important person and having a date with an important man. We are riding on horses in an elegant way.

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