Glowing Indigo Blue

by Ash

Im not concerned with wheter or not Im an "Indigo" person. The title is irrelavent to me because I believe were all souls in a collective universal conciousness. I want to know if what ive been experiencing lately has to do with this age were going into and what these situations MEAN! Ive noticed lately that my mind or imagination soon becomes reality, even this morning I stopped myself from turning a street saying "man Id rather be safe than end up in a car accident" and just than a horrible car crash happened 4 feet in front of me.

The reason I googled Indigo people, fiancee has been hearing so much about it lately and Im 7 months pregnant. (And I know this sounds odd, but this baby still inside of me is just... aware!) But I would like to have some type of insight on this topic.

But my question is more about my fiancee and I. When we first started dating and we were intimate, my mouth started glowing blue. He said it was definatly glowing. And I overlooked it... hes very open minded as am I.

Than last night we were talking about collective conciousness and other like subjects, and his eyes started changing and I swear almost looked like from another dimension! And they where shiny... they looked not disorted but... say you look at a square, than you see the cube than definition within the cube etc... like more complexed looking, his eyes had more detail and light. It was different looking and his eyes seemed larger (not like an alien lol). I about freaked out and I got up and looked from another direction. Than he asked, "Are my eyes glowing like yours are right now?" And I said, "yeeeah?" than he just continued talking!

Does anyone know what this could be?? I cant find anything on glowing skin or people or auras.

And also, say my fiancee and I are Indigo people and that explains the glowing... is it possible to have an Indigo child?

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May 24, 2010
To a Lovely Indigo Couple and their future!
by: Anonymous

Dear Ash,

Yes this sounds very beautiful and mysterious, but not outside the realms of possibility at all! I'm a first-wave Indigo, and have noted some similar experiences with peoples' eyes when they become hyper-aware of something, especially something that they wouldn't normally have known! When they are psychically-intuitively driven it seems. I also had a lovely confirmation on my younger (Indigo) friend's status confirmed in a photograph I'd taken of her in her previous flat around October 2007. We were just trying to get proof to take to her local Council and Housing Authority regarding rat infestations, and she was holding up a toilet pipe where they'd chewed through. (Lol!), so the subject-matter was serious enough but not spiritual. On her photo was a lovely blue aura glow which extended quite far! I though WOW!

Your child may well be a Crystal, although it is possible to have an Indigo, but the stage we're at now, I'd go for Crystal. Congrats to you both! X

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