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Growing up Indigo (part II)

by Lindsey
(Missouri USA)

Jeromey started partying more and more and got lost. In and out of Jail. My friend moved away and I moved into another apartment on my own. I started to get into my art again and had a few things in a show, and started taking a couple of lessons from a nice old man. But everything he taught I already "Just knew", so it was kind of a waste. But it got me painting. I went to visit Brian one day in NC. I missed his friendship, and his devious father kicked him out that day so I was stuck dragging him around...again. I kept thinking about Jeromy of course but Brian was there in my apartment and I kept trying to get him to leave, but he wouldn't. We fought like crazy.

I started reading more self-help and new age books and worked at a Cafe/book store. I loved it. There were kindred spirits there, I quit though to work for the company next door for more money. That's where my boss one day told me she felt I needed to follow my dreams. She knew I was different and she said she felt I was supposed to go follow my dreams. I felt my time there was over and started to "feel" the mountains. Brian's dad convinced us to take a trip to NC to this hippie town in the mountains so we did. I fell in love. He said if we moved to Charolette with him he'd help us move to Asheville after 2 weeks. My windshield and windows were smashed out that same night so I took it as my sign to leave, so we moved to NC. His dad had deceived us and after spending a month there Brian’s drinking had gotten crazy and he hit me one night.

I called my adoptive mom and to my surprise she drove all the way from Missouri to North Carolina to pick me up! My plan was to only stay in Missouri for a few weeks until I had enough money to go to Asheville and go to UNC to study art, music and writing. My mom and I got along. I realized that I had been so lucky to be adopted by such normal people. Even though we never saw eye to eye, we had forgiven each other and it was wonderful. I started reading new age things and came across this information about everyone having a "twin flame" and it was the ultimate partner, two bodies with the same soul. I prayed to the universe, no DEMANDED the universe to guide me to my twin flame.

Soon after I started playing the guitar again and listening to this satellite station, Sirius radio, which had a cafe acoustic channel. I felt very connected to it and when I saw an ad in the paper for a "Cafe Acoustic" performance for an upcoming festival, I knew I should go. So I went and was feeling all of these feelings I couldn't explain and saw this guy with a blonde pony-tail walk into the tent. I felt a million butterflies flutter all through my body and I couldn't move or barely eat my funnel cake. When he went onstage I noticed the speakers started making strange sounds like when a cell phone is about to go off. Then he played the accordion and despite the feelings I immediately didn't like him because I sensed an extreme cockiness about him, but I still had these intense feelings.

I found out that day that there was a real Cafe Acoustic were people could just bring their guitars and play, so I went one evening, with the intention of playing myself. Suddenly, in came the guy with a ponytail and another guy with strong energy who went straight to the piano and played incredibly. The guy with the blonde pony tail introduced himself as Corey and started to pretend to play different instruments while others were playing, I didn't like it and thought it was cocky.

He said to me "YOU KNOW YOU'RE AN INDIGO, RIGHT?" I was feeling all of these feelings and I felt his energy go inside my body, but it was unlike anything I had ever felt. It was the most intense thing I had ever felt. I was scared that he was a warlock or something and he laughed at me. He asked for my number but I said no and left quickly. I couldn't stop thinking about him all night and days later.

I was invited to go to another guy's recording studio who I felt an immediate trust and friendship with Adam. It was at his mom's house and it was filled with Buddha statues and it felt really great inside. Down in the studio I wanted to ask about Corey. But I was too shy. I kept staring at this base guitar and couldn't stop looking at it and suddenly it moved by itself. I jumped and asked Adam who's is that I like the stickers, and he said "Corey's" I knew immediately something special was going on.

We went to a bar (which I don't normally do) with some of his friends and suddenly the electronics started to act funny again and I felt something INTENSE and there was Corey and his friend coming in. He sat right next to me and said "DO YOU SEE HOW THE INDIGOS ALWAYS GRAVITATE TOWARDS EACH OTHER, HE'S ONE TOO" he pointed at his friend who sat down by us.

That night I gave him my number and asked Adam if Corey smoked pot a lot, he said not really much and then he smiled, knowing I liked him. He said, ok then I'll tell him you need a ride home, and he winked at me. I went with Corey that night to the river, with his other friends who had lower energy, but it was still fun. His energy felt so good it made up for it. He text messaged me that same night and called the next morning for me to come over and meet his dogs. I did and fell in love with them immediately. He lived at his mom's. We hung out every day and started kissing and I moved in after a few weeks. It just sort of happened. I knew I loved him. More than anything I'd ever felt before. But his anger was scary. He had a BAD temper but would always apologize after yelling at me over nothing.

But he also could see right through me if I lied, and had reasons to be mad at me, I couldn't hide anything from him, and even told him about what happened with my birth family. He told me he thought we were meant to be together after only a couple of months. He would always say such sweet things like that, compliments to me, but I was too shy to say things back, but I felt them too. We spent almost three years living in his mom's basement in a tiny room. During that time, I knew 100% that the indigo theories were true. I never moved to NC. How could I? He convinced me to go to college, so I'm in school to this very moment.

I found out that he did energy work...but he never really talked much about it. I noticed unfortunately that when he was around his low energy band friends he was cocky and ego minded, but alone or with his friend Adam, he was nice and sweet. I never felt the millions of other energies when I was with him. It was the first time I could walk in a room without wanting to hide. He was friends with everyone, so outgoing. I started to also feel more comfortable around people even when I was alone; it was like he broke the spell. I also started to love animals more than ever before. He was so kind to them and it was like he opened that part of my soul too. (SEE part III)

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