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Happy Grateful Indigo Adult

by Nabila Tumi
(London )

I know now I am an Indigo adult and I an so happy an grateful. I spent my whole childhood feeling different and wondering why I did. I was always asking the question; why? I would spend many hours on my own when asked what I was doing I would always say I was thinking. Please leave me alone.

I thought I was different because my parents were different from what I saw around me because they came from different backgrounds which meant to me I was neither but could be only one which left me confused and asking who am I? For I am both so how could I forget one side when it has created me in a sense.

I had parents who I think represent both sides of the coin one who is extremely religious well know he is but always came from a religious background therefore it was always there a path we were all meant to follow and if we didn’t we would be condemned. The other parent believed there was something sometimes but would never comment herself to any particular one.

At the time I thought this made my life more difficult but in fact it was paving the way for my future, pushing me to ask questions and also question what people say. I was lucky that my father never stayed long enough to imprint us will his beliefs and therefore make us just like him instead he showed me to look at myself. At the time I thought it was a punishment, how wrong was I for was on a learning path and along this path I would find out all I need to know which is why we are here and who I am two very simple questions which have very simple answers.

I am here because I am energy therefore I can never be created or destroyed therefore I have always existed.

I am here to enjoy and create and share the unlimited feeling of love we all carry just waiting to be poured out over the world.

I am here to help create and see the heaven to which we all live in and help my brothers and sisters to see there full potential and assist in bring peace to the world to which we know.

I love me and love everything around me and feel so much gratitude for the gifts I have been given by the universe that I constantly feeling an overwhelming need to give to everything around me.

It takes time to understand and learn and only when we have experienced all the world has that we understand why we have experienced this either for a reason weather it be to answer a question we have asked or the realization of our own manifested thoughts. But as we grow too does our knowledge and with that does come understanding of our own self and abilities. For we are the school of one self and the questions we have created therefore we too hold the answers.

The most amazing part of your life will be the realization of your own self once you have seen you the real you, will you understand the real truth of why we are here and only in the truth love of ones self can we truthfully love our brothers and sisters. And together we will create heaven as we were meant to and live as we were meant.

I am so happy to see we have already started, I love the way the universe always speaks to us if we are prepared to listen. The sighting of an indigo butterfly was enough to tell me that the indigo adults have become a majority and we are growing in every moment.

Thank you for realising how you are
Thank you for asking the questions WHY
Thank you for believing in yourself
Thank you for believing in the Universe
Thank you for creating a world in your mind that is so beautiful and filled with love and gratitude you now know what heaven feels like because we live it and feel it every step you take.

Thank you for being you

Thank you

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