How To Have a Spiritual Journey

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Who else wants to have a spiritual journey? Discovering your spiritual path isn’t based on simply finding your personal path. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy? Ah, but then you’d miss the adventure of self-discovery. 

Most people have taken a side road—probably several side roads—before discovering that centered, calm space that resonates deeply with their soul spirit and personal path. That space where you simply know you’ve found it—whatever "it" is—and feel at ease, balanced and content: that’s where your spiritual path will take you.

Passport for journeys into spiritual realms

It’s this spiritual journey that requires your attention, not the destination. Discovering your spiritual path isn’t something you can put on a ‘to do’ list—Tuesday: discover spiritual purpose in life—but you can make it easier to chance upon or stumble into your spiritual path. You can heighten the probability of finding that calm, centered personal space with a few simple techniques.

The Way To Have A Spiritual Journey For This Lifetime

First, quit worrying about whether or not you have discovered the way to have a spiritual journey. Anxiety and fear only serve to move you further away from that very path your soul is seeking. Spending time wondering whether you’re on your spiritual path cheats you of this moment on your spiritual journey. And this moment is part of your spiritual path. Actually, the present moment, IS where you have a spiritual journey. The rest is simply details.

Naturally you wonder about these details—whether you should live in a certain place, take a particular job, study a particular religion or philosophy, stop or continue your educational endeavors, or stay in a relationship with someone. Always pay attention to your inner sense, your intuition, about what is right for you and your soul spirit when it comes to those details. And don’t forget to use your common sense, too.

With practice, you’ll learn to access and apply that inner voice, your intuition, in decision-making, along with those other handy tools like common sense, logic and analysis. Learning to listen to your inner voice and tuning out your own emotional chatter and the well-meaning advice of others isn’t easy. But you’ll find yourself on a far less stressful spiritual path if you put what feels best to you on a gut level—an intuitive level—first.

Second, meditate on your choices. Meditation is powerful. Ponder the possibilities. Allow yourself to imagine what your ideal life would involve so you can discover your spiritual path. If you still remain completely baffled about the ‘right’ choice, do nothing for a while. Allowing things to unfold is fine—as long as you’re not avoiding what you sense, deep down, is the right (and probably more difficult) choice and allow your spiritual journey to progress.

Be kind to yourself as you seek to have a spiritual journey. Pay attention to your soul spirit as you search. Give yourself time when you need it. Don’t rush. Savor the process. It’s the spiritual journey after all, not the destination, that’s important. Otherwise, it’d be called a spiritual destination, not a spiritual path.

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