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Hidden Indigo Child

by Emily
(Ireland & Spain)

When I was visiting my mother this year I read an article in a magazine that she had about indigo children and my whole world opened up. I have just looked at the list of characteristics and I think I have pretty much all of them!! I have always been very sensitive to people and situations but always tried to hide it. My mother was told by a psychic when I was very young that I was an indigo child and encouraged her to read about it, but she never had the chance or never thought it was important.

From the moment I found out about Indigo People I was fascinated and needed to know more. I wonder what it would have been like if my mother had nourished this fact instead of ignoring it when I was growing up. (I am now 24). I don’t think being an indigo person makes you any better or different from anyone else but knowing this fact has allowed me to understand many of the choices that I have intuitively made, especially those choices that have not fit in with the society I was brought up in.

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Nov 04, 2008
Indigo People / Gifted People
by: Ladyofwisdom/Desire'

Hi,thanks for you comment and especially for keeping it real! So many people think that when you're in tuned to your spiritual abilities that you're different. We psychics are just like everyone else. We have responsibilities,go food shopping,pay bills. We're regular people.

Actually, most psychics that I know are very humble, caring christians that are very modest about their gifts. Of course, you have the "fakes and the dishonest bunch" that's trying to take people's money and manipulate people. That's with any profession, you always have "bad apples" I'm very honest, caring and I go to church. I love God and believe in giving accurate readings. As I said everyone isn't honest. We psychics are regular people who are in tuned to our God given abilities and we're not better or greater than anyone else. We just like to help others and provide spiritual guidance!

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