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House of Angel Ministries

by Liam
(Lake Grove, NY USA)

I never go to just any psychic it has to be someone that was recommended to me. So one day I heard about this woman Millie in Selden NY and the place was called House of Angel Ministries.

If you look at in on the outside you would think "NO WAY" am I going in there but because I heard good things I figured I would check her out. Her prices were avg. $60 for a 1/2 hr but when I tell you from the min I sat down I was really taken aback. I said nothing when I sat down, she asked why I was there then went right into it.

She picked up on so much and picked up on things that were amazing. I am waiting on the one big thing that she told me and should be finding out in the next few days but everything else was spot on again with little to no input from me.

I would definitely recommend Mille and House of Angel Ministries any time....

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