How I Found out I was Indigo

by Khyle
(Gauteng )

South African Indigo

South African Indigo

Hi my name is Khyle. This is the first time I have connected online with other indigo's in SA. I suppose my story starts at the age of 10. I started displaying unusual traits for a child my age; restlessness, stubbornness, rebelliousness, mood swings, a lot of anger and a disposition to being very distracted. I was struggling at school.

Needless not say my mother was concerned. We had spent a year going to neurologists and educational psychologists. Getting hooked up to EEG machines and partaking in a series of drug trails. It was a confusing time. I had gone for an IQ test to see if I may have had and intellectual disability. The results showed I had an IQ of 130 at the age of 11.

The end diagnosis of course was ADD.

It's wasn't until later that year that we went to a spiritual psychologist. After a few sessions, she had told us that I was no doubt an indigo. Being only 11 at the time I wasn't entirely sure what this ment. All I really understood from what the psychologist said was that I am ment to change the world. This idea took root and only blossomed two years later.

When I was 14 I began to read up on indigo children. I read Jan Tobars The Indigo Children and after that everything made sense. The rebelliousness, the ADD, the medication, everything. It was at this point I began my spiritual life. Exploring spirituality.

Now I am 24 with a degree in psychology. I feel as though I have been out back on this spiritual path.

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