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I am an Indigo Adult with no more denying.

by Chris Beaver

I am 28 years old and my entire life I was different then the other children. I spoke to myself more in tune and always asked what if when most didn’t think of it yet. I was always close with animals starting Out as a young child. I felt their emotions. If they were scared, happy, mad and was always able to connect to them where they knew I was no threat and could calm down the meanest of animals. Then it transitioned into feeling the energy off of someone at the first meeting and knew this person and this persons intentions without any conversation at length. I can feel lies. I can only explain it like that. I know when you’re not truthful or if you have bad intentions.

Now I’ve gotten so in depth that it’s hard for me to explain to you how I feel as myself because I cannot decipher all of the emotions that bombard me so intensely. I used to think I was emotional and unstable so I became a drug addict for years until I met a woman who was similar and taught me about myself spiritually. It in turn opened up my abilities and as I sit now I am just looking for individuals who share some of the same abilities and how they cope with them.

I feel I am making myself crazy digging through my head day after day searching for answers. I know when to ask for help and I am reaching for it now. I am a counselor to most people. I am confronted with people and everyday problems that I offer prejudice free and unfiltered views. That is a gift of mine in understanding and helping those who are in need. But I need to also take care of myself.

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