I Am An Indigo Child

by Brianna Delaney
(Abq NM)

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As a young child I was put into a mental hospital. I never really wanted to kill myself but at the time I felt not only my pain, but everyone else’s pain around me. (6TH GRADE)

As I got older it seemed like people around me always commented that my choice of topic is generally far from surface. I'm only interested in sharing the light and doing my part to help awaken/help my peers to realize, their part in the infinity.

It seems like the majority of people my age are similar to me. Some just have been brainwashed to not THINK which scares the living crap out of me! Sometimes the idea of my body dying is almost anticipated. Not because I'm sad or don't love this earth and my "family". Just because I know that my brain will no longer get in the way of my spirit doing exactly what it wants.

I have questions about good and bad spirits and how one can change into another. My thoughts on this are that we are here on earth, almost as a test it seems. We are human thus we have free will. We can choose which cycle of energy we participate in; Positive or negative. One cannot be without the other. The more we participate in positive energy the more it travels all around us. It just multiplies! Negative energy is vice versa. When we expose our spirit to one type of energy for so long our spirits almost seem to clone into a good or bad energy. To put it simple you will have a change of heart. Then when our body dies we (our spirit) carries on to participate in the fight for light, or the alternative.

It seems like, to me, there are entities on the earth that are trying very hard to kill this planet and this human life. The more negative we put into the earth’s ground the more it will create negative reactions. We will wipe ourselves out, which ultimately may happen anyways. I just think we can all leave this bondage of self, like when they say Jesus will come back and take us all the heaven. Well what if the indigo children are all spirits sent here the save everyone lost, from themselves, to "lead them to salvation"?

I feel like I'm here for a purpose almost like I’m waiting and distracting myself in the meantime. There are multiple people who have shared their hearts with me and had life changing (spirit shaping) ideas (seeds) planted. I've watched the light grow every day IN some people. They listen to me. It’s weird. It’s even weirder that my ideas work for them. My philosophies seem to be felt. Which.... I don't know if I'm even ready for all this. But at the same time I know that's the only reason I’m here. I can live with that :)

Brianna D. <3

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May 19, 2016
Albuquerque Indago
by: Remo

Hello, I am not sure if i am an indigo or not but i do exhibit some of the things i have done research on. I wish to get to know others like me in my aria. If you would like. you may contact me at minneraaron@yahoo.com

Jun 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

I also feel like changing the world. But there are so many people that want to save the humans... I just feel like animals are more important. There are many more of them and if they all die to save the humans these animals will probably never exist again. If all humans die (I wouldn't have a problem with dieing for any kind of insect, spider or animal) to save all animals, maybe the animals will live in peace or humans will evolute again...
Have you heard about Tyke? Look it up!!
I'm Vegan(not vegetarian) and I'm proud of it and want to change the world!!!!!

May 23, 2014
We are chosen
by: Anonymous

That's me too.

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