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I Am Different

by Christine Thompson
(Gidgegannup, Western Australia)

I first knew I was different to other people around me when I went on holidays with my parents to the Isle of Wight of the south coast of England. I remember walking down a hill and enjoying the feel of cobbled stones under my feet which felt so familiar and warm. I was about 7 years old and walking ahead of my Mother, Father and younger sister.

I had an overwhelming feeling of being home again and I remember distinctly saying, "Oh now I know where we!" Mum said we had never been there before so I couldn't know where we were. I insisted and explained what was down the hill around the corner to the left and the buildings just left of the church. I turned to my parents for confirmation and I saw the look on their faces and I knew at that moment I would never be the same again. A look of fear, disbelief and confusion. Such a simple thing but so life changing for me and I learned at that moment not to mention such things again for fear of being ridiculed. We did follow the path I had described and found everything as I had explained. My parents just said I must have seen it on television but I knew I had been there before.

Over the years I have experienced many 'unusual events' but I am cautious about discussing them and didn’t know where or how to enhance my abilities until recently when I decided to just trust myself and see what happens.

Now I carefully tell people and wait for the response but I can accept that they may think I'm crazy because I have communicated with those passed over and now I'm confident that I am here for a very special reason which I have yet to fulfill. This is why I have decided to write a book about my journey to allow others to open up and hopeful will be an inspiration to them.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell this story.

Fondly Christine Thompson

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