I am The Rainbow Child

by April Dawn
(St. George, UT. USA)

I am a powerful loving and forgiving woman of light. My purpose is to celebrate, adore and cherish through being a powerful, loving and forgiving woman of light. Creating a world of freedom, inspiration and Christ-consciousness, I am the answer to all prayers.

I have all the answers to creating heaven on earth. I am beautiful and an inspiration to all around me. Although I am daily learning to be the amazing powerful woman I am. With all the worldly opinions and judgments, standing tall as an indigo is a powerful calling. I am very proud and honored to continue living each beautiful day I am blessed to live.

I am a mother of six beautiful children whom I love and adore very much. They all live with their fathers and two with their earthly mother. I am told often what a crazy mother I am to let my children go live away from me. But I know who I am and what I am and they are fulfilling their contracts here on earth with their fathers and mother.

I am grateful for the many, many, many lessons I have been blessed to have experienced here on earth and the joy and love it has brought me. I have been able to read the minds and energy of all those around me since I was in my mother’s womb.

It was challenging for me to know what to do with this gift and I have finally understood it clearly. I have an amazingly powerful loving and inspiring man of light that is the only physical male walking this planet earth for me. We have a soul connection that is powerful and unconditional. I hear him when he is away. And I feel him very closely too, when we are physically apart. I am excited for our reconnection.

I am blessed to be able to tell all the spirits around me that I relate personally to all the experiences that they are blessed to go through. I have an amazing gift of empathy, unjudging, and unconditional love. I am open to all! I give love, I learn love, I receive love I am love...

Here for all always and forever.

April Dawn

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