I Belive I Am Indigo

by Kylie
(Machester, Mi, Usa)

I have always been different. Everyone either loves me to death right away or most of the time, turn and run, hate me to death and want to kill me. I see the world from a birds eye view. I can answer all questions on why people do things, except one, 'why was I put into this body?' All throughout my years I have never found that answer but I can answer things in everyday life. I am also an empath so I can feel other people's feelings and really connect to them. I don't feel I ever really had a childhood. My family has always had problems and I grew up fast. No one understands me where I am, and I have always wanted someone to. It's easy for me to create a bond but somehow no one else feels it.

Does anyone else feel that way?

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