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I might be an Indigo Adult and pretty sure an Empath.

by Chanda
(Bloomington, IN, USA)

Indigo Empath

Indigo Empath

Hi, Please call me Moon, as that is what my real name means. All my life I knew I was different. My family was somewhat dysfunctional. Of course, I say that mildly... It was really dysfunctional at times. I have a brother and sister who are 6 and 7 years older than I am. My mother told me that my father was pretty controlling and had issues, to the point of being physically abusive to her. She told me that when she was pregnant with me that he changed. I asked her how, but she couldn't really describe it, except that he was better. I recall when I was 3 years old, my father chasing my mother in a fit of rage across the house. I ran ahead of them.... I'm not sure why, but I ran into their bedroom and sat at the end of their bed. My mother walked quickly in front of me and then my father followed behind her. He had his fist raised, as if he were going to hit her. Something happened.... He froze.... he didn't move... didn't turn his head. I don't recall feeling any fear, just the desire for him to stop, which he did.... right in front me. He stood there like a statue. It seemed like he stood there for a couple of minutes before he told my mother to tell me to stop staring at him. During those two minutes, no one said anything. I remember it very clearly.

I was always with my mother, except for when I went to school after that. My father never raised a hand to her after that.

I've never done anything like that since. I just recall that being the first time anything significant like that ever happening. However, I have been struggling with depression for almost all my adult life. I've noticed that when my mother starts having a panic attack, I begin to feel that same panicky feeling. I can also feel the tension in the air between people, as if you could cut it with a knife, sometimes. Recently, my nephew attempted suicide and called me. I think he was needing to vent and was wanting to get some relief of his anger and grief he felt towards his girlfriend. Unfortunately, I began to feel exactly the way he did. I mean EXACtLY the way he did. I even said similar things about myself as he did about himself. I didn't have those feelings before he called me and vented. I noticed I had to get off the phone with him when I began feeling exactly as he did while he was talking. I don't know what to do. I have pretty much isolated myself because of my depression over the years. It seemed to help somewhat, but I still get around people when I work and have coworkers who talk to me about all their problems and unload on me... I knew the difference between empathy and sympathy. I knew I had empathy, but didn't know that I was an empath or even what it meant to be an empath.

I just now, at the age of 48, am learning about all this. I've always known I was spiritually strong and meant to do something. I really could use some help with how not to let all the sorrow, anger, depression, etc, get to me and affect me negatively. I would also love to be able to help those who feel such negative feelings.

Does anyone have any advice or help to give me?

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Mar 21, 2017
protection crystals for Indigo
by: Anonymous

Hi I have been having trouble with feeling peoples energy and often have to get away from gatherings. At first thought I was an introvert but I realised that I can feel deep sensations of their negative force and it makes it hard to hold a job and live a normal life. I came across a man who recognised something about my troubles and he told me I should look up about empath as he was one too. Then I found out after looking this up about black tourmaline crystal and how this helps. I used to get nightmares too and a humming vibrations visit of I visible energy in early mornings 2-3 am. This had left me exhausted and especially mentally exhausted when I woke up. I use the crystals near my bed and take them out especially the black tourmaline and I feel that the amount of energy I absorb has lessened and I feel I can do most things again without emotional outburst of tears.

Mar 13, 2017
I would like help
by: Moon

I would like help and instruction in controlling my empathic ability. I would love to be able to use it in my line of work as a caregiver to the elderly. I am very very connected to my mother. She is very high strung and has M.S. With me not being able to control my empathy, it makes it impossible to be able to care for her when she is in a panic state and not knowing what to do, which puts me in the same state. I used to meditate years and years ago. It seems like a lifetime ago, to be perfectly honest. It also probably wasn't a type of meditation that was meant specifically for an empath.

I do thank you for any assistance you provide.

Moon :)

Mar 09, 2017
Indigo people
by: Kat McCann

Hi Moon, I have a daughter as well as myself we are empaths. We have trouble also going into public with all the feelings flying around. We have learned to bathe ourselves with white golden light, white for protection and golden for healing. Also I use the four directions placing Angels north south east and west above and below me, and within. Most of the feelings and emotions are 99 percent not yours, so I usually ask, "who does this belong to?"If it's heavy it doesn't belong to you. What you do is say, Return to sender with consciousness. The energy will start to lift and get light. So you know it doesn't belong to you. Hope this helps, if you have any questions, post here I'll get your message.

Mar 09, 2017
We are here to help
by: Mrs Starr

A lot of what you said sound like what I have been through. I too am an empath. I used it in my line of work after I began to understand it. Unfortunately when we tell people (i.e.:professionals) they say we have depression and prescribe pills. Which only blocks some of what we feel. I am so sensitive that I feel people who are far away. Like on the news I read them.

I also have premonition of things to come. When I was younger I didn't understand why this would happen. I couldn't change the outcome. I began writing them down. Just to track what I was seeing or hearing. This was the way I received a formation of what I saw.

If you tell people they just think you are crazy. And that in itself is very hard.

You need to learn to control your abilities. Meditation does help. Lower your stress level and except that you have this gift. Use it to help others. That is why we have these gifts. I used it in my job for 25 years. I learned to project positive energy.

If you wish I will help. Just leave a comment for me here. I always check. I don't charge money because I was given this gift to help others like me.

I hope this has helped.

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