I Not Sure If I’m An Indigo

(Pittsburg CA 94565)

As a child when I was about 6 I remember having a dream of seeing myself falling from the sky drowning. I also recall that I was a soldier in my past life I remember climbing up a ladder and as I was heading towards the top I got shot by an arrow and woke up.

Just recently during the end of the summer of 2003 I had an out of body experience. At the time I was pretty scared and confused I had never experience astral projection before and I never understood the meaning of that dream until about 2-3 years later. But in that dream I remember seeing my whole life go by at a blink of an eye I remember seeing everything from day 1 to that present time of my life. I had actually touched a shooting star honestly with my soul... I was having visions and nightmares for like 5 days straight. In one of my dreams I had actually saw Jesus and a person that look dead on like the late rapper Tupac Shakur floating in the air next to him but from my eyes and interpretation of the dream there was no soul inside them I only saw the flesh.

Now that I think about it, it reminds me of the star Orion... We are made of stardust right? The stars that shine up above are reflections of us right? Well, whatever that dream was no one really knows except me. Let’s just pray for one another. If I could I would like to pray for the world. I wish there was away to reprogram the world’s mind to eliminate the negative energy out of everyone's minds. No more hatred, no more envy, and no more jealousy. Jjust imagine how the world would be if love was to shine through everyone's heart and eyes?

I would also like to astral fly again through all the known dimensions. Could someone show me? Maybe by channeling? I’m not that good with my 7 senses but maybe someone could transform and share that light into my mind's eyes... Much power and many, many blessing to each and everyone!

Carter S.

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Aug 09, 2009
Oh Yepppp
by: Liz

Yeah. You're an Indie. No doubt. I really hope you get to astral fly again. But, sadly, I can't help you. I specialize in being highly empathetic. It's borderline reading minds, only I feel what they feel, I can tell if they're lying, I know if they're in pain, etc. One of my friends even said that I'm like a tarot card reader without the cards because I can tell you things about people. Like, you see this image of yourself, but you're not sure you can live up to it, etc.

Yeah...that's what I do. :)

Luck and peace :)

Jun 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Check yourself for sleep apnea, I have it and it sounds like you died in your sleep, I have stopped breathing in my sleep and have woke up feeling myself fall back into my body.

I have visions when something bad is about to happen sometimes, and always had that since I was a child. You may still be an indigo.

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