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I See Indigo

by B
(London Zone 4)

In such a complex existence, it is important to say; I don't know for sure what I am or what my purpose is, or if I am even any more significant compared to anyone else, but prolonged (and ongoing) experience and interaction have only shown me this; that indeed, I am different, never have I been able to integrate deeply within conventional society, or take on board the modern values that many of us conform to without question.

I have never spoke of my experiences in depth, only briefly to a small handful of trusted friends and family.

Throughout school, work and many other recreational places I have felt exterior and not as 'natural' (man's natural environment) as everyone else, if this makes sense.

I have had many lucid and other vivid dreams, some of which have foreseen the future, which is only realized when the particular 'thing or occurrence' has happened in this reality, there are many other strange dreams I have had... but I am yet to confirm possible meanings. I only go by what I feel. Dreams aside, there is still one other characteristic about me that I cannot stop thinking about.

I have read on here about the experiences people receive when closing the eyes.. I would like to relate. As far as I can remember back, I have always seen strange objects and other visualizations when closing my eyes, after some time around reaching the age of 14/15 the same thing appears when I close my eyes which is this;

I thought for many years that I possessed some kind of hallucinogenic disorder, but after learning of the Indigo Children characteristics, The 7 Chakras, The Third eye concept and the Astral Plane it can't be coincidence, there is no way.

So, when I close my eyes I see mostly blackness. However one thing I can see is basically an indigo colored dot, which is very small at first. With some focus, a correct mood and a particular state of mind this 'dot' becomes so much more.

The 'dot' is located literally at the exact point of where the third eye is meant to be (you know where). Usually at night, in bed I try to meditate and focus on the dot, and with all the right components of my environment and being, this dot expands.

As it expands I see definite dark colored figures of people, but cannot identify them.
They do not move fast nor slow, but actually move as if they are physically in front of me, to make it sound easier it is literally the same realistic motion of thing as you'd get on a television.

However, most things seem to move slow and in a sort of floating fashion.

It is as if I am looking up from a cave or kind of dark place and the indigo dot is the sky above me, with those dark figures taking turns looking down at me through the dot. As the dot becomes larger it disperses the darkness as if I am escaping it. When there practically is no more darkness, I see a landscape, it contains a variety of things.

It is extremely complex to always recollect and even explain what I see. Here are some definite things:

Bald people encapsulated within a spherical object that folds open and closed absolutely perfectly in its mechanism. The people seem unconscious.

Strange trans-species beings.

A huge powerful human-like creature (resembles a deity of some kind) sitting on a throne or giant chair overlooking all existence.

From darkness to indigo, more flashes of bright white light come into vision, however these last for a fraction of a second when present.

Various people in different places.

Alongside these, there have been many other things that are simply impossible to describe with words. May I just ad it is difficult at times to maintain focus and the visions can disappear so easily.

So, I don't know if anyone can relate, but please.. all I say is true and proves to me personally that there is some kind of other existence.

I am still everyday and night trying to reach into this indigo colored dot and will start to tune my other chakras; in the hope my third eye will become more active. It may be a gradual process, but I will always keep focusing.

Still, I truly cannot tell for sure if this is significant, but I am drawn to what I see nonetheless.

The world is changing, all this.. Capitalist global greed and development cannot be infinite. The urban land is useless, and only able to survive via transportation and the gathering of the Earth's resources. Status, Finance and any other element that shapes society is nothing more than false methodology to live by. Our true worth is much more, this is what I know and feel.

True respect and love to all, keep seeing.

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Jun 09, 2018
by: Anonymous

I see colors. I can see colors with my eyes open. Let’s talk more about this on Mindfulness and Grattitude on FB

Feb 17, 2017
Is a one of 7chakra
by: Manoj India

Yes my bro its about 7chakra..
Third eye chakra's color is Indigo there are oother 6 chakra as well at different body parts and different colors will get answers to all your questions related to this in Indian India..Its believed that when all 7chakra are activated we god comes and takes us with him..we also become divine. But its not overnight process..need time patience. More than this need good heart and good purpose..bad minded and bad hearted people cannot achive this level no matter how hard they try...
God Bless u everyone..and have a peaceful prosperous world...Life..

Jul 17, 2015
Indigo Flames
by: Anonymous

I See Indigo Colours at Night, It's Like flames of Indigo Liquid Permeate the Room. Truelly Beautiful ♡

Nov 01, 2011
I see Indigo
by: Anonymous

Its good to find other people out there who are also what I believe to be evolving. Since I started meditating I have always seen the colour indigo. Now it is there all the time when I close my eyes like energy pulsing and phasing in and out of exsistance. Unlike what others have said they see though a dot, for me it engulfs all my sight when i close my eyes. It also can change to many different colours but mainly Indigo.

It is not hard to realise that we have been programmed to believe, think, understand, and percieve the world in our on conciouse little bubble of. As I have seen as soon as you begin to its all joke thats where thing start happening and manifesting in there own perticular way. Think of people being insane and as you start to awaken to the spiritual truth thats when true human sanity is restored. Its all to do with achieveing a higher state of concoiusness.

Anyway I think its all to do with the indigo energy. Some of us are human others are potentialy ET soulds who have lived on earth and other places. The Irony is we are all born with amnesia to understand the truth. Look at it like a mission every life time to achieve spiritual understanding.

I hope this insite helps


Jan 01, 2010
Good Grief!
by: Patty

Thank you for sharing. I have always seen a pattern of "dots" when I am in a dark room or when I close my eyes. I can change them from blue to red and they move in a fast unified pattern. I can also "see" faces of people of all age groups. I never know any of them but, often they are the faces of children. I should also say that I can choose to not see the faces but, have no control over the presence of the "dots". I have had several strong premonitions throughout my life and have had countless lucid "story like" dreams in which I am either a spectator or participant. The few times that I questioned any of this with family, they do not respond favorably. I have been visited by a large black dog (ghost) in the middle of the night.

I have to say that I am a fraidy cat but, for some reason the dog doesn't frighten me.
Sorry to ramble but, I have never been able to share all of this with anyone before.

Thank you for making me feel more normal.

Mar 26, 2009
times they are a changin
by: anonymous

When you said the world is changing, I have been feeling that too. I have no idea why my mind has done this to my thoughts, but I have these notions that the world is going to change and that all of these old way of doing things will be gone, and everything will be renewed with truth. I am ready for this. Maybe? I don't know, but I know what my heart tells me. It's weird it's like the truth is already inside of me and I have this connection or whatever to the light. I don't know what that means and I have never felt that before, but it has come and I accept it... My world is indigo too.

Feb 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

As I was reading this I had to try and remember if I wrote it. In all honesty I haven't even finished your post but feel exactly the same way you do and have. The dreams and lately the dot. About a week or so ago I had a dream of the "Chakra Model" standing with all dots in their colors but halfway up was a cross legged model also with colors lit so there was an overlap. This really wasn't a dream but a vision as I closed my eyes and faded to sleep. Since then I see the purple dot and it does grow. I have focused on it wondering what of this is significant. I don't know that it is tied to the Chakra vision I had but I wanted to let you know you are not alone and to express how similar we are. I'm gonna finish reading your post now as I am intrigued, I just couldn't hold this in after reading the first part. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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