I'm 44 and Indigo!

by Vivienne

I'm certain that many people, like me, have felt out of sync with the world we're in: overly sensitive, probably bullied at school, not doing well at school due to a low boredom threshold and a loathing of authority. This, I suppose could account for many people but many descriptions of Indigos resonate deeply with me, perhaps because of a deep-rooted desire to fit in, at least somewhere? I have the typical Indigo zodiac chart (bucket shaped - all very unbalanced and one-sided)and it does "seem" to make sense that this is a reason for me feeling disparate and apart from the rest.

I grew up in a very violent and unhappy home and found a way out through my imagination - pretending to be in a different place, planet, pretending to be a different me I suppose - one who "fitted in" and wasn't always the loner, the weirdo. As a child I was in constant conflict with the education system in the UK and couldn't wait to get out. I was diagnosed as being bi-polar (manic depressive) five years ago and yet, haven't used medication since that diagnosis. It didn't ring true also I suppose I hate the idea of being labeled as some neurotic fruitcake who needs medication to "keep me sane". I believe I AM sane, too sane perhaps!

I still feel frustrated, often angry and am very impatient with people who show little or no empathy for others and I always seem to be trying to put right what I see as wrong. I now live a life pretty much "out of the system" or as close to that as it's possible to achieve by growing my own veg and fruit and taking care of rescued horses, dogs, cats, chickens, well...anything that's been mistreated by humans really. It feels like the right life for me but I would still like to hear from others with similar experiences. Perhaps my low self-esteem just wants to be part of a group! It's a possibility, yet unlikely. I've never been a @group@ type of person.

I apologize for rambling and thank you anyone who read this and I do hope to make contact with others who feel as I do

Bright blessings


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Jul 21, 2009
I Feel The Same Way
by: Anonymous

Growing up for me was horrible. I was ignored, lonely and confuse. I hated my childhood. I always say the best gift our creator gave me was imagination. I also created my own life, other then this reality. I had many loving friends, from here and other planets. If they were loving, and positive my heart was open to them. But i also had many visit from dark entities, because lack of self power and shielding. Now honestly i still have many friends and company from the other side, but i know they are very real. Also i find love to be difficult. The kind of love i search for i am sure other indigos can relate. A love beyond this world. past sex, and physical beauty. A love where the other person is already complete before meeting you. A love where all we do is laugh and smile together and never have to argue. A love where nothing is expecting from me but my company. i'm not sure how i feel about finding love on this planet. Sometimes i feel it's not possible to find the complete human i am looking for but other times i get a feel i will meet him. but the love i recieve from my lover i have from the otherside is satifing enough that i wonder if i even need to find someone from here. if i make no sense please let me know, if you can relate please share. being indigo is complicating because we are back and forth from earth and the other dimensions. but i also see the beauty as well. we always have to have balance, always remeber this! peace and love

May 26, 2009
Just wondering if we knew each other?
by: Anonymous

Hi Vivienne...

This might sound strange, but I'm wondering if we used to know each other about 25 years ago? I used to live on the Isle of Wight (In Ryde) and had a good friend who was two years older than me called Vivienne. We rebelled, and were wild to the extreme at that time, living a little dangerously to be honest, but it was also a great time! I have a page on here, and just figured I was Indigo recently and the Vivienne I knew, would have fitted that discription, she also loved animals and had a very troubled childhood.

Sorry to bother you, if you're not Viv Fletcher, but I was just curious as we were such good mates and lost touch many years ago, I always wondered what happened to Viv:-)

Thanks anyway and all the best
Liz Bradshaw X

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