I'm A Crystal Child 2011

by Amy Lee
(Keansburg, NJ 07734)

When I was growing up I felt that I was very different from the majority of the children around me. When I was a child I could communicate with the dead children on the other side. For some odd reason, they felt comfortable being around me. Sometimes, I can move things with my mind. Other times I have premonitions or De Ja Vu as to what's going to happen to someone I usually know, it's never a good thing. I can see right through a person lying to me as well as read the vibrations around them. I believe in crystal energy. I am a White Wiccan /Buddhist person. I’m spiritual.

My grandmother was a healer. She healed people's ailments through reiki energy. My grandfather was also a healer but in a different way. He was Choctaw Indian and he believed in the arts. My grandmother believed in healing others. She was of Filipino-Chinese descent. My grandfather was of Native American Indian descent with a little French Canadian as well. My whole family all worked in the Arts/Music/Martial Arts.

I would like to devote my life to helping children and animals that are less fortunate than myself to have a better life.

For the world to be a better place for everyone, even in this recession that has been going in a downward spiral.

I'm seeking lucrative employment.

I have an old 1800's Ivory Japanese Doll for sale with silk interior. An Alaskan Eskimo Doll never seen daylight with her authenticity papers for sale. A Rawling's Baseball with signatures on it for sale. A 1940's bottle cap dome wooden cork with a snowman in it. WITH a red crown with bright gems outside the red crown for sale. Looking for the best offer.

Please someone please get back to me. Thanks. Hope to hear positive response from someone or a potential buyer soon.

Please email me @ bluediamondphoenix@yahoo.com.

God Bless You All and may you all have a blessed night!
s You All/May you all have a blessed night!

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