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Im a Crystal / Star Being

by Jamaal
(Atlanta, GA)

I have to collect my thoughts before I write. I have the tendency to over-think everything. hmmmm. This will be the first time I posted a story of my unique power to the world or on the internet rather.

It's really hard to describe myself but I am going to try. I was born into a very abusive relationship between my parents. I would be the only one out of my two siblings to stop them from fighting by just standing there. Everyone wants to pour out their heart to me everywhere I go. I am rather tall and I smile all the time no matter what. I just can't help it, even in crazy situations I smile, funerals, fights, and I love to laugh hard when I laugh. I am very soft spoken and often times told to speak up and when I think I am speaking up, I feel like I am yelling.

Hmm… I hate waiting in lines because I feel that it's not worth my time to just sit there. But I am very patient with people and their problems. I am strongly attracted to stones, especially Rose Quartz. I've always been interested in outer space and wished for the Atlas and Space software for Christmas. I love learning about life and people-watching is my favorite hobby. Yea I am often called weird and I don't like crowds. I like to be alone and I often times visualize gold light and bizarre pictures of things. I really don't know what I want to do in life and I love the concept of material things and time.

Well, this is not really a story but … hmmmm.. I’ll tell you one. I can't express feelings that well but I am loving no matter what. hmmmm.. There is just to much...

I remember in the good old days when I was playing soccer and became the best on my first time. I was scoring 5 or 6 goals a game. All the coach had to tell me was, go score a goal. I was highly respected but I really don't like being praised. I like tossing it to the side, I feel that I should just be a monk sometimes but I do like some physical pleasure. I love the ocean and my favorite animal is the killer whale. I study astrology a lot and I can't look people in the eyes for to long because I begin to stare. But I’m learning more about my origin as I gather thoughts of me as a younger kid. I am 23 now and I began to awaken or became aware of my nature as a crystal child when I graduated college. It’s after that I began to create my own system and that system is. "No limit". But I am beginning to have a bad case of ADD and just want to do everything in the world and often times forget what I wanted to do the next day. I have a big note book I organize my thoughts in but that doesn't work. The stones help a lot but I usually gather energy from one other person. I always had a friend or animal in my presence so I can perform before an activity. Well that’s sort of my story but more like my attributes. Love ya guys. !!

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Oct 31, 2009
I feel I am nobody!
by: Anonymous

I read Jamaal's story and I was so into it all except the ocean part. I, unlike him, hate the water and I have a great fear of it. He has this great glow about him like nothing I've seen before he's beautiful. I don't think many people are beautiful but when I see them I am at awwww and yes I do watch them it gives me this great feeling inside I can't explain.

Jan 24, 2009
Namste My Friend
by: Kristina Smith

Nice to meet you :))

I'm Indigo Crystal, too and I found my soul mate. We did it together, we were ment to be before, in our past lives, part of our mission is complete.

Love and Light

Love is powerfull weapon on earth.

Dec 10, 2008
What Am I?
by: jahfonde

I'm getting stressed out, because everything, absolutely everything, on this thread about you, resembles me, even the soccer situation.
And the fact that we are both black, but that's irrelevant.

I'm 16 now, and I'm for some reason, becoming aware of who I am, more rather "what" I am.. very slowly though.

Strange glowing symbols appear on dark walls,in lucid dreams, and obes, and they scare me, because I know that they are significant in their meaning.

Nov 27, 2008
The Smile
by: Lia

Hi. I think I'm an indigo. I always thought I was different (or weird?) e.g. when I feel like smiling even if I'm in someone's funeral. I was kind of glad I read your story since I could very well relate to some of the things you've mentioned - besides smiling, of course. Thanks!

Jun 07, 2008
Nice story and description
by: Maria

Hi Jamaal your story rocks! Don't worry about ADD maybe you have more capacity to do many things at a time than what our brain says to be 'rational' :) So maybe if you can let it be freely, what is called a problem can become a great source of strength.

Have girlfriend? :D It's a joke!


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